Thursday 28 May 2020

UFO: Pilot That Challenged!

Pilot Jifari Sightings: a famous one was in Iran. Pilot Jifari F-16 saw a ufo as did radar on the ground. A dogfight ensued but when the ufo sent a probe towards the F-16 the pilot panicked & sent a missile but it jams everything! His plane stalls beginning a free fall. His radios gone, all dial readings are crazy! Even the gun & all missilery. After 9 seconds all the planes functions returned to normal & Jifari regained control of the plane. The ufo was gone.

When Pilot Jifari lands, he is silenced. Once a thing gets classified? Then that's it! Top Secret. Unless ur in the know then u don't need to know. Eventually people learned but too late to search for the UFO? Keep'emPeeled

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Ancient History: The Pyramids: nobody knows when or who built them. Back in 18-oatcake…

The Pyramids: nobody knows when or who built them. Back in 18-oatcake, an archaeologist, a certain Lord Fontelroy (sic) decided after years of fantastic research, was without an answer. He could find no clue as to who built the Gr8 Pyramid. He then, made an error of judgment. He took a chisel & defiled the so called "tomb" in The Gr8 Pyramid, by inscribing a fake cartouche. On it said- 'KuFu' -a Pharaoh from the middle dynasty, a pack of lies made by Lord British Empire. & the lies were even on a bath that was mistaken for a tomb. Said tomb was wasn't. You see it was a bath that the high born could use. The Priests controlled it's operations. 1st they fired musical frequencies of 440 at it -A perfect A in today's western music . This tone would be joined by other Pythagorean scales. They hoped to live longer by this effect. Fruit would stay fresh. Swords would Sharpen! It was from The Gods!
The inscription by the Lord was a lie! It was a lie. No one knows how old the Egyptian pyramids are?

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Movie: Alien Abduction :Fake

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Alien Abduction : Travis Walton -True!

Travis went through it! Keep'emPeeled

Movies:”The Duke” -John Wayne

A true hero of a bygone age. The Duke! Keep'emPeeled

Pandemic Northern Ireland; No Covid-19 deaths for 1st day.

In this prison the older men were falling to it. But! No deaths today! Keep'emPeeled

Pandemic: Alistair Cambell’s Views¡

The old wolf does an interview that bites at the behind of the current government!
Well done sir! Check it out! Truth is like trust, u need to dig deep to get the return. Keep'emPeeled

Military Slang:

Military Slang:
Addlings - money accruedp
Adrift, Admirals Mate,
Aimer=driver. Ali Barba= theif
angel truck=ambulance.
Badged=special forces. Bagoff=sex
Bang Box=gun turret Basha=shelter
Biff Chit=sicky bumble=stroll
Beached=retired. Beaded=worried
Ugly woman=BinLiner Blades=SAS
Chef=cabbage commando knackered=CHINSTRAPs!
Top teacher=creamy Bored=choker
Look behind=check 6
Rifle =custard hit by enemy=catch a packet
Utensils=diggers hidden=doggo Darky=lost plane Dekko=look
Miss Out=dipped. Skive=Do A Never.

Okay have the laughing really dance bases Simon the beach it was indigenous Annonay stop

Court I arrive on court as she danced on the beach stop

Roffilling=laughing like a hyena.

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Saturday 23 May 2020

SecureTeam10 Google Earth

This is where they Wer holding & beating T.

Audio Engineer: Stage Left Audio - Stereo or Mono for FOH

Gr8 advice 4 audiophiles that want to go pro. Mono is the future. Keep'emPeeled. click link below please?

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Audio Engineering: Stereo vs Mono

4 audiophiles. This is a subject of extreme judgement. I have moved flat recently, yes, just b4 The Pandemic! I got the Covid-19 bug from a friend who unbeknownst had visited Roma with his cute gf 4 a romantic weekend, just as the virus was still cooking in Italy. He returned & infected all his friends & her friends. They didn't know. That's how it spreads. AnyzÖo, I gotta decide.
Do I continue with Stereo or go for Mono? See, today, music is about a speaker set in the middle of the floor./on the coffee table same . It sends the sound waves up to the ceiling where it's bounced downwards giving the listener an even sound, no matter where they are in the room.
It's the NÜ WAY¡On the other hand my Kenwood/Aiki-amp, & players:DAT,CD-recordable,Mini-Disc,Double Cassette with A,B Dolby & Tuner are all "Special Edition" , which means they are the best models that u can buy for home use. Expensive. Of course their are many wires to connect with the old stereo system. If I go modern (wireless ) it's all Wi-Fi + Bluetooth. So it's a different sound though?
Decided. I will Stow away my stereo & go with the new. It's mono! But how do u place stuff in the audio engineering sense? Like say u want a distant trumpet coming from the left? We will find out! Keep'emPeeled. click link below please?

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Pandemic:EID? Stay @home

UK Gov says there will be no normal Eid celebrations where more than 4 people will be arrested. Hotly contested, it remains to be seen how the Muslim community will react.
I say, let them celebrate, for who knows when it'll end? Keep'emPeeled

Pandemic: USA; More NAtive Americans Die!

Figures show that on the reservation u r more likely to die form Covid-19.

Pandemic: Free Rent For Businesses

The UK gov must pay rent for businesses that are closed. How can they survive without footfall? They need to be open & people coming in!. PLease help them.

Friday 22 May 2020

Muzak: Seasick Steve - Started Out With Nothin’ (Down Home Sessions)

Keep'emPeeled. click link below please?

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Thursday 21 May 2020

The Pandemic: China Virus.

That's what it being called now, "The China Virus".

ParaNormal: Kasparov Hauser; strange.

This person? 2Bcont'.

Prose: H P Lovecraft. Author. Horror

1st of the mass published ' horror ' authors after the WW1.

Keep'emPeeled. click link below please?

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Propaganda: Question Everything!

Mind Manipulation.?

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Elec Guitar: BigMuff ;distort sound

ie : the Big Sounds! Keep'emPeeled

Elec. Guitar: BigMuff; WickerMan.

Legendary BigMuff Distortion Pedal:with new "wicker" effect. Treble Boost! Gr8! Keep'emPeeled

Sunday 17 May 2020

Mike Tyson, 52, throwing punches in the gym

Maybe a comeback? Some I the media, quote Joe Dolan-Don't Do It Michael! Surely not. Keep'emPeeled. click link below please?

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.


Some of the best guitar music Is from The Sahara Desert. What? Listen on,
Keep'emPeeled click link below

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Science: Tesla Was Right,

We've Found The Magic Frequency (This Will Revolutionize Our Future)

Muzak: Hotel California | One girl One band | Study hard at the age of six | 一个...

It's The Pandemic! This kid is good & (it's the pandemic) Keep'emPeeled

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Hotel California | One girl One band | Study hard at the age of six | 一个...

It's The Pandemic! Have a heart? Keep'emPeeled

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

TV:The Expanse; S:3;ep;3 Earth NYC, UN.

The Big Apple, in the "Future". Keep'emPeeled

Saturday 16 May 2020

TvV: The Expanse

The Expanse tv show:

"They r gud dirty belters " motto!

The Expanse: seas.1 ep.4: an enemy force arrives, that's not Earth's or Mars' -Who Is It? I say aliens! Vicscous , whatever but! There'sa new force out there, that bakes our blood. May 2020 Keep'emPeeled

They seamlessly go from space palace to space dock, then onto a riot on Pheobe ; small moon of Mars,-onto wards the Asteroid Belt. & Earth & Mars in a Cold War , use the 'Belters' to make their dollar.
Meet the new boss? Him the same as the old boss.
The plot is long & convulsed & I share a tear for Miller, but we must up and on.

I'm now @s2,Ep.13 so lots of action going on, with the "creature" in the Rocinante.

TV: The Expanse. S. 2 Ep.13

The Thing from beyond! Keep'emPeeled

Thursday 14 May 2020

Ghost Cat!


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The Expanse tv show:

Made be4 the LockDown? It's best to be! The Expanse tv
They r gud dirty belters & in The Big Empty we're the Ace Truckin' co' we got 3 blips on the mainstream they r certain anon! Keep'emPeeled.

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Wednesday 13 May 2020

TV:The Expanse & Beluga Heaven

1st, this is a Beluga, 1of a pair, released, during this Pandemic, into waters where they think they will survive & have pups. I digress. Onto The Expanse

BeingHacked: MyFBphotos bad

I didn't want FB to put out my photos/vids. What can I do? I fell raped!
OJ! Those Gurney Shots! I had no idea, that they would appear online, ever! They were headshots of I, of a personal nature. Never to be seen by anyone but myself! So? What do I find? These , self same, photographs-Splatterd all over a media site for everyone to see! The set of photos were my own set, not for public perception! OK-I do these exercises. It's that if u practice the use of 'gurning' every morning & evening,? Like when u brush ur teeth,? It will keep away wrinkles. I don't know if it's bunk. U figure it. So? What am I saying here?
Right¡ as Http:// I will be scrutinised by how knows what's or why? I saw some UFOS one night for sure. They weren't flying. There was no sound. They just moved in the sky like it didn't matter. They were big white balls. Big enough to hold at least one being. They came as a pair. I was where I shouldn't have been. Look u, I don't know how it got to there from here but, I don't like to be scrutinised by FBI, et al. Keep'emPeeled

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Tuesday 12 May 2020

Guitar: Gypsy Jazz :with Tek

I put more up zoon m. Keep'emPeeled

Propaganda: The Devil Is In The Details;

A true poster from the '50's.

Monday 11 May 2020

Science: Light In The Jungle-by gravity? vid. Physics & a practical device in a place unsuitable for it? Keep'emPeeled

Muzak: The Man With A Plan¡ Kid Francescoli !


Astronomy:Conjunction (planetary)


Sunday 10 May 2020

Flat 161, Webheath, Netherwood Street 5


The Pandemic: Aftermath Of Lockdown.

The Pandemic The Science Is Bad. Look @Ebola? 2015 . we had a warning! It made its way back the The USA! Could've been a lot worst! So do governments take care about Pandemics No: in 2015 Bill Gates said a Pandemic was coming! No one cared really. How Many Catastrophes Must We See? As the new era emerges, what will we see happening?

Wednesday 6 May 2020


I had a Gr8 guy around last nite! A fine guy! We jammed.Lotss. O.K. So? Later ? Their mayb, whoknoes? OK , let's deal in the substance which is now-Wednesday 5th My 2020. Do U agree? Let's go? Keep'emPeeled

The Pandemic: Week-WhateveRr,...

Now we r supposed to go Baka Da Workski-ah WTF! People' expectation be ignored by Gov led BS! Which may also be wrong. Try to play with the lead on triangle & the 1st on woodblock, U know what I mean, very comedically speaking¿ if such (sic) , but to say may come up by magic. It's not darling, just him & his little tricks. Good bye, mulberry ply. Shhhppllaaaaa

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Muzak: Johnny’s (Zhivago ) Gold Guitar!

Yeah, this is the axe in question. A Tanglewood copy of the Issue that Buddy Holly in 58'used, then was reissued in the 90's under Steve Mason as a tribute to Bud. He made it light, so it could be used when standing. Yes? This axe was very light. The wood :rosewood fretboard; neck-maple; body Ply made of balsa/HDM. Johnny's cleaned it, maintained it, & even shaved the frets, & U know what else? It plays! Put through a Marshall stack & it won't let ya down that much. Tuning between songs. We can do that!

The Pandemic: Mahan Air ; Murderers!

This Airline kept flights between China & Lebanon & The Middle East. Keep'emPeeled

Monday 4 May 2020

Saturday 2 May 2020

Pop: I try -Macy Gray (Lyrics)

Lov e this. Keep'emPeeled

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

What I Did 2 Deal 4 U*.

I was thinking, that everyone I know? Could get something together that would blow a few gaffs & gifs & t he whole shebang! Zoon, it happens happened ah!
What? Now? Sleeep? Incline! Let if all be like de-inequality! We Lose 4eveR. No! Never Fear! We Shall Be Here! No Worry.

TV: Tiger King

Reality, but not as U know it? Gr8 show! Keep'emPeeled

The Pandemic: Ecuador; Le Morte.

Many lay dead in the streets. Cardboard coffins with a Crucifix on the front. People with their dead. Nowhere to go. Keep'emPeeled

Conspiracy: Judas vPreist

This moron tried to tak British Metal band to court when his attempts @suicide fails. The shotgun only blew his face off, his amigo did batter. Blew himself thru the brain! Case Not Proven. Keep'emPeeled


This geezer just signed our freedom away! Traitor! Keep'emPeeled