Saturday, 16 May 2020

TvV: The Expanse

The Expanse tv show:

"They r gud dirty belters " motto!

The Expanse: seas.1 ep.4: an enemy force arrives, that's not Earth's or Mars' -Who Is It? I say aliens! Vicscous , whatever but! There'sa new force out there, that bakes our blood. May 2020 Keep'emPeeled

They seamlessly go from space palace to space dock, then onto a riot on Pheobe ; small moon of Mars,-onto wards the Asteroid Belt. & Earth & Mars in a Cold War , use the 'Belters' to make their dollar.
Meet the new boss? Him the same as the old boss.
The plot is long & convulsed & I share a tear for Miller, but we must up and on.

I'm now @s2,Ep.13 so lots of action going on, with the "creature" in the Rocinante.

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