Monday 11 September 2017

I'm Alive! A Special!

Yeah, thought I was dead? Well I'm not, but things have been sticky. A psychopath hit me on my head   With a heavy pint glass, above my right eye & knocked out the lense. Luckily no scarring. Extremely sore, cops came & couldn't even get a taxi to the hospital. Went home & took many painkillers for 5days b4 Bernie came & drove me to hospital. B' passed on last Xmas. So, the glassing was on 1/1/15 -tempest fugit. Went on a liver treatment with pills-3 months start-Sept 15-it just about killed me. Still not better. On the +side, Have decided to get back into live guitar playing & bought a new 100watt Fender Champion combo -Well 'ard! So gotta practice man. Keep'emPeeled

Saturday 2 September 2017