Tuesday 30 June 2020

The Black Knight - watcher.

Sometimes things
> Mm do they're utmost to make sure that they have the same thing. This is Double-Speak.

Area 51: Trump Knows Whats Going On!

Disclosure Now?

UFOS From Undersea!

Fleet Of Massive UFOs Underwater Spotted From Space By ISS.

The Next Pandemic: Swine Flu!

Researchers in China have discovered a new type of swine flu that is capable of triggering a pandemic, according to a study in the US science journal PNAS.

Named G4, it is genetically descended from the H1N1 strain that caused a pandemic in 2009.

It possesses "all the essential hallmarks of being highly adapted to infect humans", said the authors, scientists at Chinese universities and China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the study published on Monday.


The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told. 

Sunday 28 June 2020


Telescopes See Strange Things in Space


5 discoveries!

The Bootstrap Paradox

Time Travel!


A Star That's 200,000,000 Years Older than the Universe!

Weird Radio

Strange Sounds from 96.7FM

Bob Lazar talks about his Hydrogen Corvette

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The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

UFO RESEARCH Prof James McDonald


Saturday 27 June 2020


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Muzak: Devo-Jocko Homo (original version)

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The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Personal: Naybores r dumping crud in my garden-can’t speak Our language.

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Personal/every guy that got hit down by the Authorities!

This is a photo of the scum that's in the porch of my garden. It's normally clean & without sin! Now it's filled with gypo dirt & corruption. I feel my days r numbered 4maybe some reason. LOL. Most probably that I'm getting tired too easily. Or not sleeping at all, sweating most of the time. B lucky, my visitors. Johhny Zhivago.

Me Naybores dump rubbish in my garden. By pipe for rain

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Sunday 21 June 2020

Fermi Paradox: R We Alone¿

Go figure? The latest rocket scientists' & physics boffs have the estimated arrival of alien contact, is within 20 years. Then. All will be revealed. To everyone.

Majestic? 12¡

Things are sent thru time. I have a piece of history that belongs to Ray VrÖöM. I have more stuff but do not kill me for it. I w giv u it if it's published & made knowing to mankind. Keep'emPeeled

Friday 19 June 2020

Disneyland Re-Opens! In,..Hong Kong!

WTF? Close to where The Pandemic happened & what with the riots & all? Keep'emPeeled

Thursday 18 June 2020

UFOS:The Cometa Report

French document written by top officials in 1999 that says UFOS R REAL!

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Watchmen / Alan Moore

A vid about author Alan Moore who wrote many stories for comics included 2000 AD, a comic I follow.

Monday 15 June 2020

In The Year 2525,if man is still alive?

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The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

The Moon is a Door to Forever

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The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Movies: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Starring Vinessa Redgrave as 'Blanche'. Keep'emPeeled

Alien Abduction?: Cindy Kelly Roanoke

Without a body after 15 years, their loving parents set a headstone, at least until her body is found. Keep'emPeeled

Dunkirk-St Heliers Regatta

Today the heroes of Dunkirk are honoured as they rose to save all the soldiers & the rest of the forces that they could when Europe was enslaved by The Nazis. A disastrous mission to grab an Allied (no Americans yet) foothold in Europe that went totally

The Pandemic: China Virus 2nd Wave.

Look forwards to more lockdowns if current trend in Beijing repeats near U! Keep'emPeeled

Sunday 14 June 2020

Eco Political:Fuel

Chemical engineers from UNSW Sydney have developed new technology that helps convert harmful carbon dioxide emissions into chemical building blocks to make useful industrial products like fuel and plastics.

The Pandemic:Scoland:; Nicola Sturgeon MayB right. Listen.


Remember Grenfell Tower in West London. 3 years now.


Pandemic:What Am I Missing Here?

OK. Here in Europe, we r currently introducing avatar crowds. -u apply & an avatar is placed in certain seats. FAKE! Yet New Zealand says"f¥>{ all that! " It's so New Zealand man! Well done! Keep'emPeeled

Strange Marks On My Body!

Not the first time I have had them. I posted B4! We will watch & be én gárde! Keep'emPeeled .

Saturday 13 June 2020

We Die. In the lottery of life-sometimes we die. We are not alone…

  • We Die. In the lottery of life-sometimes we die. We are not alone! The Pandemic! Recently not. We do not die here, if silliness best real true- blah. . No symptoms -but But Infected if all. This could be The End Of The Earth? By alien races. I'm be happy, please! now. I have saw strange things. Sorry, we can make good friends will be Gr8!

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U r my proper family!

We Wake-In the lottery of life-sometimes we live & sometimes we die. We r not The Pandemic! We die here, somewhere . No symptoms -but all r positive. 69% show no symptoms? But Infected all. This could be The End Of The Earth? Or Is It The Answerable?

B Aware! Virus!

Italy get €5,000,000\-EU. Keep'emPeeled

Religion: UNIFORMS.

Don't u think this geezer has on a SUIT? Looks like a uniform to me.

Monday 8 June 2020

Friday 5 June 2020

War Relic.

The Pelican Force: Russia;circa-when they had the Czars. When major…

The Pelican Force: Russia;circa-when they had the Czars. When major cities in Russia grew, they had pigeon problems. They were sky rats, bring diseases to the newly formed cities. So the Czar decided to import pelicans from the East into the city parks, building water features that would attract people, who would feed the sky rats. The pelicans used to be harsh reality of life in the cold versus living with sky rats to eat? No problems. The Czar even sent pelicans to all other rulers of his time, for the plague of pigeons. In many public parks around Europe, there are The Pelican Force! Munching away @skyRats!


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