Wednesday 30 May 2012

Football Hooligans


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Adolf Hitler(Ego-Maniac) - Schalke: The Fuhrer was reputedly a fan of Schalke, who won the German title six times while Hitler was in charge of Germany. So we checked and double-checked whether the club board between 1933 and 1945 had named a stand the 'Führer Stand', yes they did.
Idi Amin(Sub-Human) - Hayes FC: The Ugandan dictator became a fan of Hayes as a result of his years spent in the British army (in which he served for 15 years) where he was deeply impressed by a colleague who constantly talked up the achievements of the non-league West London club. The fool believed it.
Colonel Gaddafi(Idiot) - Liverpool: Among the artefacts found after the fall of the Libyan leader was a Liverpool shirt signed by then players, leading some to claim that Gaddafi was a fan of the Reds. The idea isn't actually all that far-fetched: One of Gaddafi's sons, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, was seen regularly in  The Kop.
Radovan Karadzic(Tin-Pot Nobody) - Inter Milan: The Bosnian Serb war criminal was a fan of the Serie A giants due to their signing of Serbian players Sinisa Mihajlović and Dejan Stanković. His nephew sold a story to an Italian newspaper recently that while Karadzic was still a fugitive he risked arrest by going to watch matches.
Osama Bin Laden(Rich&Insane) - Arsenal: Rumours claim that the Al Qaeda chief and mastermind of the 9/11 attacks became a fan of the north London club after watching matches at Highbury several times while visiting Britain & planning terrorist attacks.  He is also said to have bought one of his sons an Ian Wright replica of a wax dummy. Seemingly  at one point, Gunners fans took his supposed fandom well by creating a special chant: "Osama, woah-oh / Osama, woah-woah-woah-woah / He's hiding in Kabul / He loves the Arsenal."
General Franco(Onanist-chronic) - Real Madrid: The Spanish fascist leader was renowned as a fan of the Madrid club, so much so that the club came to be regarded by many almost as the official side of the regime and were referred to openly as 'Franco's “moustachioed” team'. Yet it didn't start out that way: Franco originally supported Real's arch-rivals Atletico Madrid, originally an army side, whom didn’t approve of facial hirsutism!Believe it so, and in fact his later support of Real was as much a case of the dictator jumping on the whiskers bandwagon than to bask in the club's glory in the early days of the European Cup, which they won the first five times it was played from 1956-1960.
Benito Mussolini(Who ate All the Pies?) - Bologna: The Italian fascist dictator was a staunch Bologna fan ( & he was full of Baloney ) from the time they were formed in 1909; the side thrived after he came to power in 1922, winning the Italian title in 1925, 1929, 1936, 1937, 1939 and 1941. Indeed, the club's neo-medieval stadium was heralded by Il Duce as a symbol of his beliefs, calling it, "a shining example of what can be done with a huge bowl & ingredients for making BIG PIES!”.  
Josef Stalin (Mass-Murderer ) - Dynamo Moscow: The club was set up by one of Stalin's most loyal (and feared) henchmen, KGB chief Ivan The (not as) Terrible(but still quite bad) Beria, and was effectively KGB United for several decades. Football was a big deal to Uncle Joe: when the USSR lost an Olympic match to Yugoslavia in 1952, a furious Stalin ordered the army's CSKA Moscow team (which had supplied most of the players) to be sent to Siberia to his “holiday” camps.
Nicolae Ceausescu (Anal Retentive) - Steaua Bucharest: The Romanian side was actually owned by the national army prior to the 1989 revolution, and Ceausescu supported and enabled the enforced hairstyle of the players - among them Gheorghe Hagi and Gheorghe Popescu  without the agreement of either the players or  original clubs.: remember the forced front combed look? It was a policy that helped Steaua win the league for six consecutive seasons in the 1980s, collect the European Cup in 1986, and set a European record of 104 matches unbeaten in the league. With those hair-do’s , you couldn’t blame ‘em! Keep’emPeeled.

Punk Scooter (drive-by)

Punk Scooter (drive-by) Imagine -aPunk & his gal doing a drive-by shooting a pump action shotgun ainto massed Yuppies @canarywharf? Keep'emPeeled.

Sunday 27 May 2012

Kuiper Belt

The Kuiper belt is a region of the Solar System beyond the planets extending from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to approximately 50 AU from the Sun. It is similar to the asteroid belt, although it is far larger—20 times as wide and 20 to 200 times as massive. It consists mainly of small bodies, or remnants from the Solar System's formation. While the asteroid belt is composed primarily of rock, ices, and metal, the Kuiper objects are composed largely of frozen volatiles, such as methane, ammonia and water. The classical (low-eccentricity) belt is home to at least three dwarf planets: Pluto, Haumea, and Makemake. Some of the Solar System's moons, such as Neptune's Triton and Saturn's Phoebe, are also believed to have originated in the region. Since the belt was discovered in 1992, the number of known Kuiper belt objects has increased to over a thousand, and more than 70,000 KBOs over 100 km (62 mi) in diameter are believed to exist. Pluto is the largest known member of the Kuiper belt, if the scattered disc is excluded. In Pluto's honour, the four currently accepted dwarf planets beyond Neptune's orbit are called "plutoids". Keep'emPeeled.

Thursday 10 May 2012

Innuendo. or a spot of poetry

Truth, like Religion, is not that which we preach or proselytise 
But that whilst in our present form, do as in prevaricate then postulate , fall then die. We are weak men, prone to the Evils of Satan's will.
So, help me Lord! Amen. As the beat beat beat rages! &,...
In mans'(sic) soul resides. A beggar & a Madman with all of his friends &' much else besides. Cheer & jeer as they are inclined, W-O-=wow! 
Someday, Prevail! Hearty Folks, & gladly cheerful chaps & lasses?
One last dance? 'fore the SandMan sails. Off to the Nether-World of Gray. Thence we 'come Lost with the Last Infra-Ray. 

Wednesday 2 May 2012

forward 4 'arry!

Enland had it all- all they had to do was give the job to Harry Redknapp! what was England's greatest victory?
When King Harry beat the Frogs! English FA- a clue from history. Agincourt- Henry the 5th ( known as " Harry " )- England's greatest victory by far : without this heroic victory, French would be THE lingo. Bon jour, mon amee, je suis perdu-etc! The English FA has went cheap! Another 42 years await without a trophy. Unless..? Keep'emPeeled.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Big Hi 'atcha my droogs of superbnocity! Been 'at it 2mucho off late. has been snaffled up by the Corp's but many copycUnts have made 4 nU ID. On MySpace ye may find a NYC punk outfit called Astro-Nut that are extremely irritating (so go have a listen ). & which seems de rigueur there is an Astro-Nutty recipe site ( see also Sex Pistol Sauces; Punk related-et al. Asides from the mOondane of my
prerogatives what wonders be, on setting sail from there to 'ere? Travel can broaden the mind but,. U leave an ass ye shall return as one,.. mUzaK NOW!!!, Keep'emPeeled.