Tuesday 1 May 2012

Big Hi 'atcha my droogs of superbnocity! Been 'at it 2mucho off late. astronutter.com has been snaffled up by the Corp's but many copycUnts have made 4 nU ID. On MySpace ye may find a NYC punk outfit called Astro-Nut that are extremely irritating (so go have a listen ). & which seems de rigueur there is an Astro-Nutty recipe site ( see also Sex Pistol Sauces; Punk related-et al. Asides from the mOondane of my
prerogatives what wonders be, on setting sail from there to 'ere? Travel can broaden the mind but,. U leave an ass ye shall return as one,.. mUzaK NOW!!!, Keep'emPeeled.

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