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Johnny Miller alias Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu : Oriental daughter of beauty.

Morse Code

It could save Ir life when communicating. Keep'emPeeled

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Polish Heroine

Lady picks fruit in UK to build a house for her family. Keep'emPeeled

Logo Appendage of AstroN

Fwd: Mod Life


Begin forwarded message:

From: AstroNutter <>
Date: 30 May 2018 at 18:06:13 BST
To: iPhone Me <>
Subject: Mod Life

Modern Life Is Rubbish Da Movie

I watched said movie on my TV box. 2B fair it was beautifully shot, the actors & actresses were excellent, the talent was there butt the scriptwriter/s should be x%#! @Thank fukk I didn't have to pay let alone go to a cinema & pay for a lady+snacks&drinks&taxi! Ok, here is my take on this film:

The theme was: Forget being creative. Get a dead end job. U may get internet fame (it's been quoted by every moron on the planet that U don't make money from the internet. Don't believe it. It could open the doors to untold riches, I digress) for being a complete cissy. Get someone who loves U in debt by buying U an iPhone 4 Xmas-an American invention based on a Roman Emperor Constantine (he borrowed it from us Celts ) emperor's delusion. Back to the films theme- Worship some forgettable girl (she's young, so pretty, take a look at her in a twenty years time guys) because she pays the rent. B BRILLIANT!!! but get a dead end job where U  have to be nice to people who have money only so U can get the girl back. Oh & the showtime stopper! Say sorry a million times to a forgettable girl & say she was right all along & U r a kunt! A film to destroy a million dreams a fortnight. My advice? It's a gender thing so:

Ladies, don't go with strangers.

Guys, U tread the dragons path many r the pitfalls & dangers. Even best friends will con U. A femme U held true will stab U in the back-symbolically yet really. But U lot r at the beginning, aren't U? 2BcuntInUd? Keep'emPeeled @


Monday, 28 May 2018

Alien Girl and Mysterious City Discovered on the Moon - Is Moon Created ...

So many things about theMoon seem more, than coincidence. Keep'emPeeled


Cylinder UFO Over Germany Changes Shape [SIGHTINGS]



The Best UFO Sightings Of 2018. (May) Part 3. -UFO Sightings Compilation-



EXCLUSIVE: Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting in Syfy's 'Aliens on the Moon'

Check it out! Keep'emPeeled.


[ISS] Super Moon Seen From Space Station

Gr8 shots from ISS. Keep'emPeeled.


Alien Craft at Hobo Campground - UFO Seekers © S2E12



Arrived Ep- 2 "We Found SOMETHING" They Don't Want You To See! (2018-2019)

More alien abduction tales. Keep'emPeeled.


A Key Witness in the Linda Cortile UFO Abduction Case rev 022214

One of the most documented abductions. Keep'emPeeled


Girl Abduction By UFO Aliens Filmed For The First Time In Human History

Some footage of a grey. Keep'emPeeled


Must see!! Actual alien abduction cought by security cam.



Saturday, 26 May 2018

Saint Francis of Assisi

I think that I need lots of drugs to live & survive😇I was not a druggy. 

Photo of UFO’s taken by me

I shot this as a landscape photo out of a speeding train in Yorkshire. Only later using zoom
I found the UFO’s (?). Keep'emPeeled

Monday, 21 May 2018

Planking-a phase

Astro Nutter shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Check it out: Keep'emPeeled

🛸 UFO behind BBC Sky At Night tv presenter

The bright light in the sky above the presenter was blinking on & off , during a "live" transmission! He was never seen again(the presenter) lol? Keep'emPeeled

Astro Nutter shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Check it out:

Lights in the Sky!

I was on holiday but up in the clouds? Keep'emPeeled

Astro Nutter shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Check it out:

Well, would U?

Astro Nutter shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Check it out:
Keep'emPeeled p,h,,mm,?zs ,?

Letter From Jack The Ripper


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A Distant Galaxy

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This is a Planet!

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Photo of UFO -Do U C a Pattern?

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

John Cooper-Kilburn Legend!

Wishing Well by Free (originally) covered by JC & starring my old mocker Brady on electric lead guitar! Keep'emPeeled

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FA Cup final highlights: Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd (Hazard)


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A trailer that I hope to post full in the future. Keep'emPeeled

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MEMORY Transplant Complete.

Tyler explains how DNA works. Keep'emPeeled.


They're Not From Our Oceans..

SecureTeam10. Tyler reports on several anomalies. Keep'emPeeled.


The Three Worlds theory and Three Realms of Existence

Some ideas that buck the trend of ancient history. Keep'emPeeled

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Phobos Incident - We Are Not Alone

Maybe we knew? Keep'emPeeled 🙅‍♀️@


Lions try to chew on an armour-plated Pangolin - India



Tweet by Benjamin Green on Twitter

Benjamin Green (@BentleyEmerald_)
@projectmoonbase I started this illustration 2 and a 1/2 yrs ago ( I can't remember why, maybe in recognition of the approaching ep250 ? ) Well anyway I thought today was an appropriate day to finish it



The Cure - Pictures Of You

Hi chaps, mayb mayb not. Keep'emPeeled


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Several UFOS Light Up The Sky Over Twentynine Palms California.

What a show! Keep'emPeeled @


Something Caught Moving FAST UNDERGROUND...

Tyler's talks about strange stuff on Europa -a moon of Jupiter! Keep'emPeeled


Sunday, 13 May 2018

IS THIS An Alien Satellite In Deep Space? SecureTeam10

Hi Folks, I'm up in Scotland- it's the birth of a child! 1st 4 years! Par 4 the course? I've been
Lied to! Stromboogled & Flamy wastery! I'm BlackBlurged! & let's not forget about the Blum- guarded to noopush!
The child is lovely. I can't put the details up now. Kapice? Lovely kid! Watch the vid please? Keep'emPeeled



Saturday, 12 May 2018

Friday, 11 May 2018

5 EERIE GHOST Encounters Caught On Camera!

Look Now! Rick says it troo! Keep'emPeeled.


Did JETS Chase UFO Mystery Object Over A Mountain?

Look Now got action! Keep'emPeeled


Boyfriend Takes This Photo Of His Girlfriend And Notices Something In Th...

Sometimes,..? Keep'emPeeled


The Best UFO Sightings Of 2018. (May) Part 1

Check it out! Keep'emPeeled


Hidden From Us! Antarctica's Mysterious Experiments... (2018-2019)

Evolution? Or ?,,,,Keep'emPeeled


What happened to "The Small Faces" STEVE MARRIOTT?

He was a good guitarist/singer/songwriter. Keep'emPeeled.


Something's Not Right...

SecureTeam 10 Tyler knows, Keep'emPeeled


Superfast UFO

The sound! Keep'emPeeled


Pictures Of You - The Cure Lyrics

Going The Cure! Keep'emPeeled

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THE CURE - A Forest (lyrics)

The drummer -LOL TOLHUST : on this tracks is a palomino & is a keyboard wiz! Keep'emPeeled

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Metro Station - Shake It (Video)

Some light relief. Keep'emPeeled

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Billy Mackenzie - Wikipedia

Billy Mackenzie - Wikipedia
My auld mucker. Keep'emPeeled 

Billy Mackenzie

For the motocross racer, see Billy MacKenzie (motorcyclist).

William MacArthur MacKenzie (27 March 1957 – 22 January 1997) was a Scottish singer, with a high tenor voice. He was a member of The Associates.

Billy MacKenzie

Billy MacKenzie in concert, University of Dundee Student Union, Dundee. 1985

Background information
Birth name William MacArthur MacKenzie
Born 27 March 1957
Dundee, Scotland
Died 22 January 1997 (aged 39)
Auchterhouse, Angus, Scotland
Genres Post-punk, new wave, art pop, dream pop, alternative rock, synthpop
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1976–97
Labels Nude Records, Fiction Records, Circa Records, One Little Indian, Warner Music Group
Associated acts The Associates, British Electric Foundation





External links


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Monday, 7 May 2018

An unmarked grave to hero status: the Irishman who saved Barcelona | Paul Doyle | Football | The Guardian

An unmarked grave to hero status: the Irishman who saved Barcelona | Paul Doyle | Football | The Guardian
Soccer trivia, interesting story, given Barca's current standing in the world game. Keep'emPeeled 

An unmarked grave to hero status: the Irishman who saved Barcelona

Fergus Dowd, an IT systems analyst for Dublin, won the backing of Luís Figo, Roy Keane and a film director to help rescue from obscurity Patrick O'Connell and his exploits at Barcelona

A Celtic and Barcelona mural in West Belfast depicting Patrick O'Connell
A Celtic and Barcelona mural in West Belfast depicting Patrick O'Connell reading coverage of the start of the Spanish Civil War. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

Like absolutely no other middle-aged IT systems analysts from Dublin, Fergus Dowd went to a Blyth Spartans match and wound up spearheading an international campaign to resurrect the memory of a former Manchester United captain who saved Barcelona from extinction. Sometimes, apparently, it takes an extraordinary Irishman to tell the story of an extraordinary Irishman.

Patrick O'Connell, a footballer with what might be classed as scoundrel tendencies as well as qualities that enabled him to become a heroic manager, had lain in an unmarked London grave for 57 years until Dowd heard about his singular life and decided to rally, with almost Geldofian zeal, the football world into action. The story of how he and a trio of other not-so-average football fans did that, and of O'Connell's exploits during some of the bloodiest episodes of 20th century Europe, are the subject of Don Patricio, a documentary by the Danish director Michael Andersen that will be shown for the first time next Monday in Dublin before being screened around Britain and Spain (also available here).

The Guardian covered O'Connell four years ago as part of our Forgotten Stories series and mentioned that Dowd was raising funds for a headstone for the former manager's grave in St Mary's Catholic cemetery in north-west London. That was news to Andersen, whose previous films have dealt with conflicts in the former Soviet Union. "I'm a lifelong football fan and very interested in history and when I read about O'Connell I thought 'this can't be true, I've never heard of this guy'," Andersen says. "So I got in touch with Fergus to check it out. I had no idea he would talk me into investing years of my life and all my children's inheritance in making a film about O'Connell and the campaign to get him remembered."

Some people just make things happen. Dowd was first moved to raise awareness of O'Connell when trying to raise funds for Scott Bell, a Blyth Spartans striker who developed motor neurone disease (which eventually took his life in 2013). "I used to enjoy going to England to watch matches and when the Premier League got too expensive I started going to lower league games," Dowd says.

"From watching Spartans I got to know Scott – you can chat with players at the bar after these games – and when I heard about his illness, I wanted to help fund his treatment. I remembered my dad telling me about a Dubliner who had captained Manchester United, managed Barcelona and made Real Betis champions. So I tracked down his grandson, Mike O'Connell, and asked him to give a talk at Blyth. Nine hundred people came to the Spartans clubhouse and you could have heard a pin drop. The more details I heard, the more I realised how remarkable Patrick was. Given his achievements I thought it was shameful he lay in an unmarked grave and his story practically buried with him."

Dowd and three friends – Alan McLean from Dumbarton, Simon Needham from Leeds and Maureen O'Sullivan from Dublin – resolved to get a headstone for O'Connell. They contacted illustrious footballers to ask for signed jerseys to auction. Johan Cruyff, Paolo Maldini and many more donated. "I'd explain that Patrick was a legend who deserved similar status to them and when they heard about him they agreed," says Dowd.

Martin O'Neill was especially captivated. "I thought I might only get a couple of minutes to say my piece but he was fascinated and asked to photocopy my notes," Dowd says.

Roy Keane was similarly gripped and kept in touch throughout the film-making, during which new details of O'Connell's life were uncovered. "When I told [Keane] we think O'Connell was gun-running for Irish rebels while captain of Manchester United he almost keeled over," Dowd says. "And when I talked about when O'Connell was Barcelona manager and had to travel incognito on night trains to avoid Franco's troops I remember him saying 'And I thought Saipan was bad!'"

O'Connell's tale has driven Dowd and his comrades around the world, including to Mexico, where O'Connell took Barcelona in 1937 to raise the money that prevented the club from going out of existence. "It's been surreal," Dowd says. "One day I was heading to work in Dublin and got a text saying: 'Keep going, you're doing a great job'. It was from Luís Figo. I don't think he was talking about my IT skills." And then there was the bust parade in Seville. With money left over after buying the headstone Dowd commissioned the sculptor Joe Moran to make a bust of O'Connell and present it to Real Betis, whom O'Connell led to their only Spanish title in 1935.

The club arranged for the bust to be delivered in front of 30,000 people before a match – and suggested carrying it around the streets of Seville first. "So there we were walking around with this big bronze bust and people rushing over to kiss it," Dowd says. He has since presented Barcelona's president with a portrait of O'Connell by Tony Denton, a Mancunian who had taken up painting only six months previously after being advised it might help curb depression. The painting hangs in Barcelona's boardroom.

From September the Irish Football Association will tell O'Connell's story in schools in Northern Ireland in the hope pupils will be inspired by his achievements and the role of fans in recalling them.

"I've interviewed political activists who've been tortured and I've always come away wondering 'how do they keep going?'" Andersen says. "In a funny way, and on a different scale, Fergus reminds me of them. He has stood to gain nothing from this campaign – in fact, he's spent years of his own time and thousands of pounds – but he has achieved so much."

Dowd is especially pleased by one achievement. "Given the incredible support we have had and the fact I've made lifelong friends from all over the world from this campaign, it's shown football still has soul."

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Longyou Caves, China.

Strange ancient hollowed out caves. Keep'emPeeled


Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Merle Travis-The REAL DEAL

Gr8, Keep'emPeeled.


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