Tuesday 31 December 2019

World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine) - Smarter Every Day 230



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6ths by the Kilburn Kollective

A jam with an AI on drums & bass. It's Music Memo app by Apple.com. I tried to put it off by switching tempos but it followed me. This machine is promising. Keep'emPeeled


The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

JellyRoll AstroNutter 26/062017 by the Kilburn Kollective

This was a thing I made with loops. Keep'emPeeled

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Actor Richard Grant-wooden. Keep'emPeeled

Star Wars: Too Many Bridges To Cross.

I love Star Wars. I'm old. So this latest is Gr8 4 tying loose ends that maybe don't need tied. Towards the end it tries to get it. But? Does it cut it? Of course. They chucked dollars at it! They stuck the stormtrooper dude with a 'coloured' girl like him, when we thought he was perfection for Rey? It went that away>Keep'emPeeled

Star Wars:The Rise Of Skywalker

Gr8 Kew of battleship Palatine! Keep'emPeeled

Star Wars:The Rise Of Skywalker

The only onlookers to Rey's Final fling into the raging bay, her light-sabre. Her heart also & only they were there to witness this event. Don't they look cute ? & do u know that we r killing lots of these "cute" animals by filling the world up with plastic! It's an offshoot of the petroleum economy & it's destroying our wildlife & our planet. There r better ways. To power the planet without destroying it. Physics. Keep'emPeeled

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker;D-O

Yeah, it's the cool new droid called D-O: pronounce Deo. Kool! Keep'emPeeled


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Climbing: Never Jump!

Never Jump!
If u r trajecting a surface : like a building or mountain? Then-"Never Jump!" . It may end in Ur Death. Always look for a foot/handhold, never jump. If it is downward, u will pick up speed & smash something on ur way down. If u Jump up! U need to get an arm or 2 around something or even a leg up! If u rely on just the fingers when u Jump up?? U will slip & fall to ur Death. Keep'emPeeled

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Star Wars 3The Rise Of Skywalker

The super-duper bad guy! Keep'emPeeled

Star Wars l: The Rise Of Skywalker

C3PO -the best line of movie just b4 he has his brain scrambled. Keep'emPeeled

Computers: The Apple Newton!

Yes, this is the 1st tablet put on general sale-anyone could buy it but it didn't really catch on it n '93. Only Star Trek had them back in my he '60's, lol Still it was a ground-breaking device. Keep'emPeeled

Computers: The 1st Ever Computer Bug!

Yes folks! This Is The 1st bug killed in said machine. IBM 360! It got stuck in a gap that arced some components in the wrong way. Destroying the work. Keep'emPeeled

Computers: The IBM 360

Big! 1964! Keep'emPeeled

Computers: The Mark 2 USA

Made by the government in secret for security reasons, this monstrosity was like today's calculator app, but it was 1947, about the time when Roswell happened. No reason to mention that but word has it that in a similar crash in '42, they found a silicon chip. Just what we've got in our bag, pocket, Ur bedside & on all those tables? Alien Tech. Keep'emPeeled

TV: Sesame Street

Qscar who lived inside a bin( not unlike myself) in a back alley off Sesame St. Here he's reminding the Manager(unseen) & a guest reporter about hygiene issues @TgeSmithsonianInstitute Keep'emPeeled

Sunday 29 December 2019

Soccer: V-A-R IS C-R-A-P ! Liverpool skank it!

Wolverhampton FC Robbed by VAR. Unfair! It's RUBBISH! Keep'emPeeled


I played with the bass player from this band in a group we called "Rowdy Yates" . Starring Scott McFarlane. (Dolan)


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Astronomy:Dr Brian May MBE

Apart from being A Guitar God! This gent also does a smooth line in star-gazing. God? We miss Freddie. Keep'emPeeled

Astronomy: Comet with 3 tails & green tint @theFront

Excellent photography by Pete Lawrence of The Sky @Night BBC. Gr8! show! Keep'emPeeled

Astronomy:Haley’s Comet

There is a place called the ' cloud' . Meteors & Comets come from there. This is an artistic version of Haley's Comet when it was 1st discovered by Haley. Keep'emPeeled

Conspiracy: Denmark; Go Ahead For State Grassing r System !

This woman has postulated that people should use the vid camera to record people in crisis. They say it's to help ambulances etc but it's turning people into CCTV carrying GRASSES! Don't film-HELP! - a fellow human being. If only it was so easy? Keep'emPeeled

Saturday 28 December 2019

Can You See A Laser Pointer From The Space Station?


Soccer: V-A-R IS C-R-A-P!

Norwich get robbed of goal against Sours by VAR L, decided by guys in a little room hundreds of miles away. Crap! Keep'emPeeled

Friday 27 December 2019

USO’s In USSR South Pacific 6 objects going fast underwater

Spotted by a Rusky nuke-sub surfaced! The USOs became UFOS & flew up into the sky in formation, probably up to a mothership in space ? Keep'emPeeled

Thursday 26 December 2019

Steve McQueen : Actor, Thrill-Seeker!

This man, liked speed! Keep'emPeeled

Hero Of D-Day!

I was a signaller. So I'm more than proud of this gentleman l. I now it was a long time ago , but they were up against a Nazi horde that were in the wrong but still wouldn't stop. Unless our ancestors had not given blood, we'd be under a nasturtiums l! Keep'emPeeled

Heroes Of D-Day!


The Real Heroes Of D-Day!

Without doubt the heroes of D-Day, were the men pictured here-in fab monochrome l.
Jumping from that "boat " , into the freezing sea, as bullets whizzed by striking your comrades! Heroes! To a man! Keep'emPeeled

A Hero Of D-Day!

This gentleman who will remain nameless. Typified the true British Hero l! Long may he live! Hip, hip hooray! Keep'emPeeled

The Heroes Of D-Day !


The Heroes Of Dunkirk Remembrance


Sunday 22 December 2019

Sinkholes: Now!

This 1 just happened! Look! Keep'emPeeled

Sinkholes!: The Holocene

Yes folks! The Era Of The Giant Sucks begins. Suddenly these holes appear! Anyone near gets buried below! Where there was a house? Nowadays it's Nowhere! Keep'emPeeled

Thursday 19 December 2019

Politics: Boris Johnson; the Cat That Got The Cream!

@theOpeningOfParliament, current PM looking really smug. Theresa May showed up, why? The Tories messed everything up then they win an election landslide? Politics Suck! Keep'emPeeled

Tuesday 17 December 2019

-- Peter O'Toole

The Gr8est anecdote from the venerable thespian. Keep'emPeeled


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Science: Heinrich Hertz; electricity et al.

This geezer was The Man! In his day, he was feted & lived a glutinous, drunken life, before finding his masterpiece which we all associate within or without. Take a magnet, the fix a couple of meters that are fixed to some ferrous metal balls with caterpillar tracks that move the balls back & forward. This made arc lighting & such. So nowadays we register the voltage of electric magnetisms in hertz. Keep'emPeeled


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Monday 16 December 2019

Robin Williams on Carson 1982

Comedy Keep'emPeeled


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Rodney Dangerfield Almost Makes Carson Fall Out of His Chair Laughing

Comedy Keep'emPeeled


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This Is It!

That's-My Mess! All I gotta do? Is stick in my suitcase, then it's out of my head!

Blinking UFO appears on NASA live feed



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Sunday 15 December 2019

Fwd: UFO Insight Weekly Update

Get In There! Keep'emPeeled 

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told. 

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The 1973 Humanoid UFO Wave – A Case Study

Not only was the United States, and to a lesser degree the rest of the world, experiencing a wave of UFO sightings during 1973, but a great many of them would specifically feature "humanoid occupants". Many of these were extremely similar in detail. Just what was unfolding throughout the United States in 1973? Who were these "humanoids" and why did sightings of them suddenly cease seemingly as quickly as they began…?

Very Real Paranormal And Spooky Incidents On Friday The 13th

Most of us are aware of the long-standing idea that Friday 13th in an unlucky day, and perhaps a 24-hour period to spend locked away inside, most of also dismiss such notions as outdated superstition. As well we might. However, there are still several truly chilling, paranormal, and bizarre encounters that have taken place on the day in hand…

The Lacerta Reptilian Interview – A Case Study

In December 1999, at least according to a mysterious set of documents named The Lacerta Files, a Swedish researcher known only as Ole K. would conduct an extensive interview with a female reptilian being who would go by the name of Lacerta. Of course, as we might imagine, there is considerable discrepancy as to the authenticity of the account. It is, though, intriguing nevertheless…

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The Jardim Alvorada UFO Abduction Encounter
The Bizarre Alien Encounters Of Clayton And Donna Lee
The 1967 UFO Wave – A Case Study

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UFO Flying Past Shuttle Discovery STS 39 Mission, 1991, UFO Sighting News.

ET Database. Keep'emPeeled

Saturday 14 December 2019

The Magic Mushroom Christmas Theory

A Xmas tale Keep'emPeeled


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Chinook Down - UK Area 51(part 2) - Prof Simon

Prof Simon Keep'emPeeled

Life & Death Row

I putatively need to da

Life & Death Row
Now 1 was a white guy that raped & killed 1 but meant to kill 3. Horrid. New he wanted to die & good riddance! No2 is a young black guy from a good family as was No 1. So nurture is not on trial! These so called "good " kids did terrible things! The 2nd wants u to believe he found God. In an interview he does some rap signalsthis:?, that he admits he did the murder. The 1st was a guy gone wrong. The 2nd is a psychopath, that will always lie to the teeth. I feel sorrow for the perpetrators family. They seemed to be caring people. Yet what for the Victims families? What have they went through? Anguish, Suffering, Despair. That's what.
Thus ends. A , Tale Of Mayhems, Forever!
The Next Wave, will rule 2 survival as this is the Only Way! ¡! The Only Way!¡!¡!¡

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What They Found Hidden Beneath the Waves…Lost Ancient Underwater Ruins, ...

Bright Insights Keep'emPeeled




The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

Friday 13 December 2019

Peaky Blinders Or HairCut 100

Sorry, but the barber did it. Keep'emPeeled

Thursday 12 December 2019

THOTH's PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock



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TV: A Show That Rolls On! Peaky Blinders

Terrific show with bad haircuts buts what's not to lure? I being a man, don't appreciate what with the sexist attitude & athletics , find I enjoy the salacious moments even more. I do ff when the naughty appears but as thou wilt. I can't wait for the next series! Keep'emPeeled


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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Movies: A Beautiful MInd . It reminded me of when I had a breakdown…

Movies: A Beautiful MInd . It reminded me of when I had a breakdown when I was 24, it was 1982. My family & friends helped me through those terrible days. My girlfriend had started sleeping, not with me, & was looking for a more & more money type of guy. My pal, Billy, who was her boyfriend when I met her, decided that she, chose , me. Because I was a switch to smack his arse whenever he'd appear. He'd whistle down the phone line, get his tunes. In my mind, beautiful tunes that were his ilk. Billy could sing! Easy! Billy was fantastic & fantastico! U should've heard him sing! He Will Parley, with Any! Billy Would Put You Down There. 4EVR. Billy MacKenzie was the Best! He could do the birthday party guy over, quickly-because Billy was my best-friend & if Ur gonna hurt him? Then it was "No Way!" My pal, was a gr8 singer of the New Wave! If usd been @ the gig? Billy's gigs were fantasticO! Keep'emPeeled I'm on holiday & drunk.

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Mysterious objects are passing by the ISS space station [Part 1]

Original clip of previous: Keep'emPeeled

Did NASA Just Capture The Secret Space Force On Video? Share This Video ...

WTF! Keep'emPeeled


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Monday 9 December 2019

Politics: The Impeachment Of President Trump.

Testimony of Russian spying & conspiracy with Ukrainian interference is silly. Come on, please? Even the Charmain Mr Hadler who fell asleep before an aid woke him up after the Republican 1st staffer hit an impenetrable blow! The Boss-POTUS . For Christ's sake let's stop this BS! While in New Zealand a volcano went off, killing tourists! Ow they're asking why? Most people go to a volcano on a death wish. I was in Taormina in Siciliano when Aetna erupted for the first time since 97 years . My girlfriend Monica owned the hotel & we dined in par excellence. As usual we fell out & she went on the phone to her psychiatrist. I walked out & found a bar. Just like in Kilburn. An Irish Bar that seved Guiness nice as you like. The musicians all Sicilian played lCeltic music just the same as in Kilburn or Waterford or Aberdeen & Swansea. Keep'emPeeled

Sunday 8 December 2019

The Gr8 Fleet,Ever, massed against a terrible enemy

The Brave Ones!

Now, only a few remain! Soldiers who were there.
The Glorious Few Those That Were Really There!
So! Keep'emPeeled @ http://www.astronutter.com

TV:Peaky Blinders

Who is the Judas? Looks like all eyes r on Michael l? Keep'emPeeled

Political: RocketMan Starts Up Again, What Now, Trump?


The Old Soldiers Remember Pearl Harbour

In their 90's now, the people still alive recall those days. Keep'emPeeled

Saturday 7 December 2019

TV drama : Peaky Blinders

Reminds me of Atlantic City,,a gr8!show! But Peaky Blinders-by order Of! We R Gonna Rule The Fuckin' TV Waves! 4Ever! Rock & All! Game Of Thrones got a TV channel so why can't we have. 1? Keep'emPeeled Peaky Blinders Rules!

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I Go Boom!

Non so siento! Happy party, found young people. Keep'emPeeled

Sci-Fi: the interface.

A story about someone like me. He lives a life of irregular ways that he cannot stop even if he'll die. He thinks he must make this interface: into his body(?) something like that or this, really. To work with the memory's elasticity, he thinks? That maybe he can get a breakthrough! I'm puffed & stuffed with beer!