Thursday 28 February 2019

Modern Digi-aRt: Modern Win/Fail

I made this in a whirl of zonenessness! But! Is It ART? It consolidates my feelings about aRt. In that it helps me when I create. I feel alive. I saw a demon or monstrous being @1st but later it was a friendly teddy bear. If anyone wants a fully mounted 6x4 & even a fancy frame: U can contact me @ & I will have it forward to u. It will be 2 months minimum depending on frames. Keep'emPeeled

Wednesday 27 February 2019

What Is?

The weight of an object, in science view! Keep'emPeeled

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Soccer: Chelsea Keeper Go 🥜 ‘s

Lol This is London in 16etc' I'm drunk again. Sorry m. By

The Tower Of London

Whereupon many things conspired in conjunction with the common time,? The Tower has many tales be told. Keep'emPeeled

London : The Big Stink! circa 1858

They 1st had flushing devices! It all went down the bidet & into The Thames River. Everybody's poo&goo went into it. It stunk, bad! This is a beautiful impression of the state of local alcoholics: gin was ubiquitous then. The carving is of superior craftsmanship. It tells U the story of those unfortunate chaps. Keep'emPeeled

London circa : 17th century

The Thames: wood cutting pressed on linen; a fine work of the 1st mass produced prints.

Fashion: In My ‘hood U wear a get-up like that? U better be in a bit it-band!boy

Cities of the Underworld host & London advisory get into gear as they confront dangerous conditions under the 'streets of London' : did U C what I? They were nervous & it was death house humour. Spoiler They get out alive! Keep'emPeeled

Archaeology: London :Roman Baths

It's a secret though. Keep'emPeeled

London's Secret Deep-Level Shelters And Where To Find Them | Londonist

London under the surface. Keep'emPeeled


Operation Mainbrace:,photo of UFO

This photo shows the UFO as it flies behind a cloud. It's exactly like the ones I saw in London 2016. Keep'emPeeled

Operation Mainbrace: UFOS 🛸


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Operation Mainbrace: UFO


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Tuesday 26 February 2019

fligh confirmation



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Monday 25 February 2019

NFL: Robert Kraft :; Prostitution

Denies all charges! Florida statute. Even jail. Keep'emPeeled

SecureTeam Poster!

I think this is a fine artwork. Keep'emPeeled

Sunday 24 February 2019

Japan: Kumamoto Castle Rebuilds

15th century, earthquake in 2016 destroyed most of it. Keep'emPeeled

Soccer: :Chelsea Strikers Striked!

But not in the good sense. In a penalty shoot out, all their strikers refused to take penalties, leaving defenders to take the pressure. Where was Sarri? He was almost in the tunnels under Wembley. I know l, I worked there many times (although it's been completely rebuilt! But it's a massive stadium & when U get into the tunnels it's hard to know where ur going. So SARRÍ! He gone! Keep'emPeeled

Friday 22 February 2019

BREAKING: Pilots Can't Explain What They Just Saw

SecureTeam! Watch & Believe! Keep'emPeeled


BREAKING: Pilots Can't Explain What They Just Saw

SecureTeam. Keep'emPeeled


R Kelly Charged : sexual mischief against young girls.

Wooh! Bad man. I was asked to write a song for him once. Like Gary Glitter, I gotta bad vibe & said no! Keep'emPeeled

Forbidden Fruit


this is the ultimate word. this word is so powerful that once said, it can devour your soul and steal your children. if this word chooses you, you shall become fat and happy. once you are fat and happy, if you say this word it will make the universe speak to you. if you actually believe any of this crap and are now hearing voices in your head, then you are absolutely crazy and should take a nice long vacation to the mental hospital.
Just say abracadabra

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Soccer UK: Leave Chelsea Coach Sarri Alone!

Senor Sarrī? He needs the players to rally. Please don't go against him just now. Keep'emPeeled

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Thursday 21 February 2019

Soccer: ZOLA! Chelsea Italic Legend

He was the guy who invented many of the tricks that most young players utilise . He is in bad health, so let's hope h gets better soon! Keep'emPeeled

Soccer : Scotland; Steve Clark; Sectarian Abuse!

It's not, & should not happen in football (.soccer), if Religion or Politics is utilised to hurt people involved in the game, that means ' bias' , a trait not found in A he " -British game of Soccer! Keep'emPeeled

Rick & Morty: a imagination is here in all forms.

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Available until 23 Mar 2019

Wednesday 20 February 2019

FW: Confirmation



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From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 4:54:37 PM
Subject: Confirmation
Dear customer, 

Thank you for your booking.

Please print out all attached documents and keep them with you during the whole journey.

This mail includes your booking confirmation in PDF format. To view the PDF file you will need Adobe Reader. If this programme ist not installed in your computer you can download it free of charge at


Condor & Thomas Cook Airlines

Soccer: UK media Insult Chelsea boss Maurizio SARRÍ

Not Fair. Press insults against Sarri.Basta! Lo Insulano! Keep'emPeeled

Monday 18 February 2019


David Bowie. We love him.,Keep'emPeeled

Soccer: Zola; Chelsea Legend; coach

This guy invented lots of the soccer tricks that modern day players utililise *. Keep'emPeeled

Golf : Jamie Weir “ Sold His Soul To The Devil 😈

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Art: Industrial North England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

This beautiful print is notable. Look 👀 @theFace lIn TheSmoke. Keep'emPeeled

Morse Code Translator


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Taken outside my front door. I seem to be catching them all the time now! Keep'emPeeled

Saturday 16 February 2019

Project Blue Book 📚: TV Show Of Sci-Fi based on real events.

Gr8! tv Show! If U like X-Files thence U r a pig 🐽 in mud! Keep'emPeeled

Thursday 14 February 2019

Shamima: The Jihadist Bride

Not the girl from Bethnal Green. She left that all behind. She married a jihadist & had 3 children with him as he chopped off heads which she put into the bin. Proudly she said"I wasn't phased" to the disgust of all. With nowhere to run, she wants to bring the one baby of the jihadist still left alive to the UK. Never! For her crimes she should be handed into the authorities over there to be dealt with: probably executed but she cannot come home.




Interview: Catatonic Schizophrenic

Wow! This guy is spooky! Keep'emPeeled


Disclosure etc



5 Mysterious Underwater Discoveries That Have Been Made



Tuesday 12 February 2019

Monday 11 February 2019


Can't get through to you dude. Maybe your phones on flight mode. Just got back from consolute. They can't give me my documents in till I book a flight


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Wednesday 6 February 2019

Brexit No Plan Delivered By UK Gov

Sorry for mentioning politicians but we gotta be real.

Monday 4 February 2019

The Hidden Story Behind The Truman Show

R U a Truman? Keep'emPeeled