Thursday 30 May 2013

Bold As Love 1

Bold As Love
Flying to The Spanish Castle in our DragonFly
Via the Pacific highway, whoopin' it up to the late
evening sky. You shoulda' seen us as we drove on by
Ready 4 gettin' it on we were gigging 2nite!

Next stop Birdland, expanding the 'show'
Where the hell I was goin', huh? nobody knows
Each time was a rehearsal for the next damned show
& which way the cards would flop well, Hello Joe!

Montery was The Blast Off! Another axe goes up in flames
Sign3d by Old Blue Eyes then fronting 4 a band of Monkees
By the end of the summer I was the Prince of Harlem
Crowned The King of Excess! No slowin' down was the problem

I've been here B4,when the ice covered all whAT'S happened
The sky is on fire & the rivers run dry, I live in a hall
of mirrors all I vn see is myself. 7 years gone by a family
that's new & protest turned riot,people changing in front
of my eyes. All the ladies are electric, mystic & it's
hard 2 grasp. There sucking me dry, I wonder why??
Hard to fit in exhausting is kicking in. Need some stuff
to take me down. My brothers want money to be my friends
what's happening, what's going on? Down @The Vanguard
The last poets hanging around. Cops are my tail waiting
4 me to touch down. Folks putting stuff in my coffee.
& the PARTING OF Noel. Headed down to Woodstock, getting
shocks with every note I play. Yet with a gypsy sun &
rainbows Electric church music is born. I'm a messenger
to the faithless I was kidnapped & drugged by some bad guys

Angels turned killers mark the end of an era, BYe Bye
I escaped with a band of gypsies machine gun in my hands
Bullets, bombs & death @theGarden drugged & cheated
I ran out, escaped or I woulda died. Made it to Hawaii
Then back 2 the Apple for a last goodbye.

A new decade had came & Europe, mikey finns september 6
The Isle of White. Management made me a slave I needed to
free., but all my advisors are killing me. Went down to
R0nnie's jammed with War. headed up to West Hampstead

"a posse ad esse"