Monday 22 April 2013

USA ! + UK We R Minority- so bOM BoM CoN bOOm!,

I'd like Labour leader Ed Mulliband , (heain't to bad! ) I like Cameron 2! So, we need to split causes later but now we must be The UK! 2GethR! With USA!
David, is right! He says its's go.nna be hard but remember, Ed never did anything that wasn't hard! It makes the victory worthwhile? Why cant Ed & James & the liberasl get 2 gether & just 4 once make a unified front? Obama would listen & we could get the big picture to him acceptable, we could be in the lead as far as Love & Sex gud- Hard Economic drive as our motivations, we could at least put it back with gr8t tactics to make us be better & willing to join for the better of the World? the USA are the best hope! our only Hope! Please give them our support!