Friday 30 March 2018

Wednesday 28 March 2018

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It's hard to tag on tv or twit etc. I'm ancient lol.
The photo is of Ankhor Wat, an old temple complex in Cambodia. Like the huge temples in the South America's, water plays a huge part in the planning of the site. Water=Life ok.So, keep people alive? Temple gets maintenance. People get crops due to irrigation systems.
How did the temples get built? It's like the chicken & the egg. To make all of these temple empires is,. U couldn't reverse engineer this. It had to have superior technology. To build temple civilianised building, such needs need tractors beams. Keep'emPeeled

TOY 'Motoring'

Some 60's Rock! Keep'emPeeled.


Tuesday 27 March 2018

Alien Religion: How Extraterrestrials Nephilim Anunnaki Ancient Aliens G...

Strange robots dancing. Something about gold & Aliens & ancient stuff, ? Keep'emPeeled.


Monday 26 March 2018

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Sunday 25 March 2018

Buzz Aldrin jnr

above: Buzz under the lunar module. The reason for the good light conditions under the module is due to the refractive nature of the Moons top soil.

We went to the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin: "what people didn't understand @theTime was that every time we went behind a boulder, we didn't know what might be standing behind it! It was freaky".

Before the end of the 60s some men had walked on the Moon!

When I was a kid I watched it all with my Grandparents on a their colour TV (although It was in b&w) while those brave Americans were  Up there! On the Moon. Keep'emPeeled

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