Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Star Wars: Too Many Bridges To Cross.

I love Star Wars. I'm old. So this latest is Gr8 4 tying loose ends that maybe don't need tied. Towards the end it tries to get it. But? Does it cut it? Of course. They chucked dollars at it! They stuck the stormtrooper dude with a 'coloured' girl like him, when we thought he was perfection for Rey? It went that away>Keep'emPeeled

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  1. This is the moment that this character gives up &
    Proclaims that he’s done, all washed up. He’s giving
    up, then- the Calvary! Next he doesn’t want to commit
    hare-kare, no, he wants to Rock & Roll it!
    Keep’emPeeled @http://www.astronutter.com