Monday, 9 December 2019

Politics: The Impeachment Of President Trump.

Testimony of Russian spying & conspiracy with Ukrainian interference is silly. Come on, please? Even the Charmain Mr Hadler who fell asleep before an aid woke him up after the Republican 1st staffer hit an impenetrable blow! The Boss-POTUS . For Christ's sake let's stop this BS! While in New Zealand a volcano went off, killing tourists! Ow they're asking why? Most people go to a volcano on a death wish. I was in Taormina in Siciliano when Aetna erupted for the first time since 97 years . My girlfriend Monica owned the hotel & we dined in par excellence. As usual we fell out & she went on the phone to her psychiatrist. I walked out & found a bar. Just like in Kilburn. An Irish Bar that seved Guiness nice as you like. The musicians all Sicilian played lCeltic music just the same as in Kilburn or Waterford or Aberdeen & Swansea. Keep'emPeeled

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