Saturday, 14 December 2019

Life & Death Row

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Life & Death Row
Now 1 was a white guy that raped & killed 1 but meant to kill 3. Horrid. New he wanted to die & good riddance! No2 is a young black guy from a good family as was No 1. So nurture is not on trial! These so called "good " kids did terrible things! The 2nd wants u to believe he found God. In an interview he does some rap signalsthis:?, that he admits he did the murder. The 1st was a guy gone wrong. The 2nd is a psychopath, that will always lie to the teeth. I feel sorrow for the perpetrators family. They seemed to be caring people. Yet what for the Victims families? What have they went through? Anguish, Suffering, Despair. That's what.
Thus ends. A , Tale Of Mayhems, Forever!
The Next Wave, will rule 2 survival as this is the Only Way! ¡! The Only Way!¡!¡!¡

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