Thursday, 10 May 2012

Innuendo. or a spot of poetry

Truth, like Religion, is not that which we preach or proselytise 
But that whilst in our present form, do as in prevaricate then postulate , fall then die. We are weak men, prone to the Evils of Satan's will.
So, help me Lord! Amen. As the beat beat beat rages! &,...
In mans'(sic) soul resides. A beggar & a Madman with all of his friends &' much else besides. Cheer & jeer as they are inclined, W-O-=wow! 
Someday, Prevail! Hearty Folks, & gladly cheerful chaps & lasses?
One last dance? 'fore the SandMan sails. Off to the Nether-World of Gray. Thence we 'come Lost with the Last Infra-Ray. 

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