Friday 10 November 2017

The Lights On-a poem - Invitation to view

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Sunday 15 October 2017

Deep Space Interstellar Craft

This is a video filmed thru a telescope pointed @DeepSpace
 The geezer says it’s like zillions of miles out & its big &
There’s more out there! Keep’emPeeled 

Deep Space Ship

Monday 11 September 2017

I'm Alive! A Special!

Yeah, thought I was dead? Well I'm not, but things have been sticky. A psychopath hit me on my head   With a heavy pint glass, above my right eye & knocked out the lense. Luckily no scarring. Extremely sore, cops came & couldn't even get a taxi to the hospital. Went home & took many painkillers for 5days b4 Bernie came & drove me to hospital. B' passed on last Xmas. So, the glassing was on 1/1/15 -tempest fugit. Went on a liver treatment with pills-3 months start-Sept 15-it just about killed me. Still not better. On the +side, Have decided to get back into live guitar playing & bought a new 100watt Fender Champion combo -Well 'ard! So gotta practice man. Keep'emPeeled

Saturday 2 September 2017

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Stephen Reid on Hell


Tenerife holiday details 

Train ref:359EDGGU 

Check :O2 call 4444 

FR8516 14:15 arrive >Tenerife>

Police in Tenerife:112

Emergency number+34 928 262508 of

U.K. Consulate Plaza Weyler.8,1* 38003 SantA Cruz de Tenerife Spain >

For the attention of U.K. and The Mamager of Aeropuerto Sur   

El Modena tel:+34 928 2625 08


O2: bolt on Europe: +34 2202. 

My name is Stephen Reid my Passport number is: 505309436 d.o.b: 14/05/1958.

I arrived on 17 January for a  

2 week holiday. 

After my  arrival at the Airport I found a lady who drove my bus . She dropped me off  at the wrong hotel where I was misled by the receptionist there & got lost. When I finally arrived at Aeropuerto Sur Hotel (very tired) there  was no receptionist for 30 minutes.  The phone wrong several times but no one came to answer. Then a few people arrived (I was trying to sleep on the sofa.). A lady came from the street (outside the  front door, where  hotel workers were all loitering, smoking cigarettes-I asked them at first when I arrived but all they said was "Habla no Inglese) and the lady went behind the desk.

She (Theresa) took my Accommodation Voucher (after she had pleasantly dealt with the couple who had just arrived )  and said I was in the wrong hotel. I said no, it couldn't be, then she ran off and gave me the rude "finger" gesture and disappeared for another 30 minutes, I was so tired from the flight (I am in recovery from Chemotherapy)

& very sleepy. So I lay on a sofa in the lounge. She came back after another 30 minutes and started shouting loudly at me in Spanish .  My Spanish is very little so I couldn't understand but it was very violent abuse from her! I asked her to check on her computer. She refused without checking to give me my room, so I asked her to call the Police. They came & after inspecting voucher, the Police said she had to give me my room. The police left & I asked for my voucher back - she said "I was lucky to have a room and to keep my mouth shut,. Then she ridiculed me , "Saying your hat is stupid like you".  I should not be treated like this especially with my condition (I have mental & physical health problems and considered Disabled ). I then went to the room (111) and it wasn't what I had booked. In Room 111: there was no hot water, no balcony, TV not working, no safe, etc, & it was all very dirty. They wouldn't speak English and I was scared to go out of my room as there was no safe for my properly valuables . I haven't eaten since breakfast on the flight. 

Stephen Reid dob:14/05/58 Sunmaster booking ref:T3127/312274 

Ryanair flight: FR8156 Stansted to Tenerife

Aeropuerto Sur Hotel El Medan GLN_0117309436 Atol:3973 

Transfer booking ref:D1245866

  I'm the morning the Manager was there, he said that I'd been drunk & abusive to Theresa. She saw I had a duty free bag with cigarettes & a bottle of whiskey. I was not drinking it. I come to the Canaries 2 times each winter and have never been treated this way. I left the hotel with no idea what to do. Then I met some Scottish folk in a cafe & told them my story. They said all would be fine, they'd take to their hotel & get me a room for the night, then I'd sort it out with my Travel Agents next day. 

They took me to a bar first 

Where I think they put something in my drink. I'd slept late that day and felt refreshed but very anxious about my predicament. Next thing I woke up on a bench in a carpark with large hotels all around at 03:00 am. A man had swiped my watch -waking me but I was so disoriented that I couldn't think or move. I then walked about El Medano lost then when it was light I called the Police again. They said I should go to The British Consulate in Santa Cruz for help. I came here but was brought to wrong place by the bus people. I now have your true Adress & will come first thing today. I came here to be free of stress for a bit and I'm a nervous wreck now. My mobile is +44(0)78958515189 Thanks. 

After all that I went to Santa Cruz but the bus took me to the wrong place & Consulate was closed (Sunday) . I found a room due to a French lady of 80. She saw that the receptionist in the tourist information office in Santa Cruz was being rude to me. 

She demanded I be given respect but we were chucked out. She took me to her hotel Horizonte but it was full. Eventually after she harangued the hotel staff they did find a room for the night until the British Consulate opened. I went there 1st thing & they gave me lots of hotels to try .

Until found me a suitable room. 

Of course none of them had any rooms as I wasted time until the last one where they called the police & they put me in a taxi & who roughed me up & sent me miles away to the wrong side of the island. 

   I have been treated like a criminal ever since I arrived on Tenerife. I spent good money given to me by my Mother to help my People here say I'm a ladro-thief. I have never been to prison. I suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia but never been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. I suffer from physical ailments, e.g.: Cirrhosis of the  Liver & was on Chemotherapy up to November. I get on well with my family, peers & neighbors. Always putting myself out for people in need. So why do I get treated as a pariah here ? What is so bad about me? 

I feel like being dead. Stephen Reid -(seems to be a bad man in Tenerife). 


Thursday 8 September 2016

Essay - Invitation to comment

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Monday 15 August 2016

Did U know I was alive?
Maybe 4 sure?
ok dorks - next step is the dimensions. there r many. we get lost. but not now. synchronise @astronutter MaxMex yo ho Keep'emPeeled.

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Monday 14 March 2016

Epoxy Resin Flooring - World of Resin by Gobbetto

Take a look at this video on YouTube:


Saturday 7 November 2015

Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening 10 - Earth (Psybient / Ambient / Psychill / Downtempo Mix)

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

"A posse ad esse" - From possibility to actuality

Saturday 17 October 2015

Aaron Smith - Dancin (KRONO Remix) - 1 HOUR MIX

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

"A posse ad esse" - From possibility to actuality

Celli Earthling 3 hour DJ Set @ Vortex, South Africa

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

"A posse ad esse" - From possibility to actuality

Monday 31 August 2015

Oblivion 2013 Extensive Behind the Scenes Inside Look

Check out this video on YouTube:

"A posse ad esse" - From possibility to actuality

Avatar behind the scenes

Check out this video on YouTube:

"A posse ad esse" - From possibility to actuality

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) HD Weta Featurette Making Of Behind the Scenes

Check out this video on YouTube:

"A posse ad esse" - From possibility to actuality

Tuesday 31 December 2013

Thursday 30 May 2013

Bold As Love 1

Bold As Love
Flying to The Spanish Castle in our DragonFly
Via the Pacific highway, whoopin' it up to the late
evening sky. You shoulda' seen us as we drove on by
Ready 4 gettin' it on we were gigging 2nite!

Next stop Birdland, expanding the 'show'
Where the hell I was goin', huh? nobody knows
Each time was a rehearsal for the next damned show
& which way the cards would flop well, Hello Joe!

Montery was The Blast Off! Another axe goes up in flames
Sign3d by Old Blue Eyes then fronting 4 a band of Monkees
By the end of the summer I was the Prince of Harlem
Crowned The King of Excess! No slowin' down was the problem

I've been here B4,when the ice covered all whAT'S happened
The sky is on fire & the rivers run dry, I live in a hall
of mirrors all I vn see is myself. 7 years gone by a family
that's new & protest turned riot,people changing in front
of my eyes. All the ladies are electric, mystic & it's
hard 2 grasp. There sucking me dry, I wonder why??
Hard to fit in exhausting is kicking in. Need some stuff
to take me down. My brothers want money to be my friends
what's happening, what's going on? Down @The Vanguard
The last poets hanging around. Cops are my tail waiting
4 me to touch down. Folks putting stuff in my coffee.
& the PARTING OF Noel. Headed down to Woodstock, getting
shocks with every note I play. Yet with a gypsy sun &
rainbows Electric church music is born. I'm a messenger
to the faithless I was kidnapped & drugged by some bad guys

Angels turned killers mark the end of an era, BYe Bye
I escaped with a band of gypsies machine gun in my hands
Bullets, bombs & death @theGarden drugged & cheated
I ran out, escaped or I woulda died. Made it to Hawaii
Then back 2 the Apple for a last goodbye.

A new decade had came & Europe, mikey finns september 6
The Isle of White. Management made me a slave I needed to
free., but all my advisors are killing me. Went down to
R0nnie's jammed with War. headed up to West Hampstead

"a posse ad esse"

Monday 22 April 2013

USA ! + UK We R Minority- so bOM BoM CoN bOOm!,

I'd like Labour leader Ed Mulliband , (heain't to bad! ) I like Cameron 2! So, we need to split causes later but now we must be The UK! 2GethR! With USA!
David, is right! He says its's go.nna be hard but remember, Ed never did anything that wasn't hard! It makes the victory worthwhile? Why cant Ed & James & the liberasl get 2 gether & just 4 once make a unified front? Obama would listen & we could get the big picture to him acceptable, we could be in the lead as far as Love & Sex gud- Hard Economic drive as our motivations, we could at least put it back with gr8t tactics to make us be better & willing to join for the better of the World? the USA are the best hope! our only Hope! Please give them our support!

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Laser Beams : Paralax.

Concave reflectors can be utilised when the source is centred at the focus point. This effect can be used when a parallel beam is needed. The "cat" can testify!  Yet, when incurring such an extreme form of Reality- perhaps a unified multiverse, would & could cause a calamity within a paradox & so on, so probably is best left undone : ask Scrodinger's "cat" : this "experiment" has been tried out in "reality" to disastrous effect. 
   Quantum mechanics state a postulation that if followed correctly, predicates that if the constant (speed of light ) was exceeded, then a whole rift would tear through the fabric of Time- as we know it. So? & Now? Theory exists for the purpose of illumination & the great aRt is in not being blinded (by the science) or hoodwinked by facades of incredible strangeness & quark+charm+glamour hunting. Where wAs I? Oh! Parabolic mirrors! Yes! If you feed the input with the same input, you will get an engagement of the Feedback Syndrome (looping), within which, you will find images that repeat as in  say, Fractals'.  
    In our dreams we can glimpse the "UN-reality " of such environments. I digress but, we must be wary of things that can destroy us.  Parallel beams can & should enable Mankind to "beam" matter in one state, to matter in another place or Dimension. But, what if you put in a hat, then sent it to say, our nearest habitable planet? Maybe it may result in relation to the "being" or essence of the Thing: sensors are out- messages are incoming!  E.G. if an object is moving in front of you then it will appear to manoeuvre swiftly, while the same object will move more slowly as you navigate away from it- The Parallax Viewpoint. Ergo, said "hat" could terminate its bon voyage as an umbrella; given the phenomenon thus forged.  Keep'emPeeled.