Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Military Slang:

Military Slang:
Addlings - money accruedp
Adrift, Admirals Mate,
Aimer=driver. Ali Barba= theif
angel truck=ambulance.
Badged=special forces. Bagoff=sex
Bang Box=gun turret Basha=shelter
Biff Chit=sicky bumble=stroll
Beached=retired. Beaded=worried
Ugly woman=BinLiner Blades=SAS
Chef=cabbage commando knackered=CHINSTRAPs!
Top teacher=creamy Bored=choker
Look behind=check 6
Rifle =custard hit by enemy=catch a packet
Utensils=diggers hidden=doggo Darky=lost plane Dekko=look
Miss Out=dipped. Skive=Do A Never.

Okay have the laughing really dance bases Simon the beach it was indigenous Annonay stop

Court I arrive on court as she danced on the beach stop

Roffilling=laughing like a hyena.

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