Saturday, 23 May 2020

Audio Engineering: Stereo vs Mono

4 audiophiles. This is a subject of extreme judgement. I have moved flat recently, yes, just b4 The Pandemic! I got the Covid-19 bug from a friend who unbeknownst had visited Roma with his cute gf 4 a romantic weekend, just as the virus was still cooking in Italy. He returned & infected all his friends & her friends. They didn't know. That's how it spreads. AnyzÖo, I gotta decide.
Do I continue with Stereo or go for Mono? See, today, music is about a speaker set in the middle of the floor./on the coffee table same . It sends the sound waves up to the ceiling where it's bounced downwards giving the listener an even sound, no matter where they are in the room.
It's the NÜ WAY¡On the other hand my Kenwood/Aiki-amp, & players:DAT,CD-recordable,Mini-Disc,Double Cassette with A,B Dolby & Tuner are all "Special Edition" , which means they are the best models that u can buy for home use. Expensive. Of course their are many wires to connect with the old stereo system. If I go modern (wireless ) it's all Wi-Fi + Bluetooth. So it's a different sound though?
Decided. I will Stow away my stereo & go with the new. It's mono! But how do u place stuff in the audio engineering sense? Like say u want a distant trumpet coming from the left? We will find out! Keep'emPeeled. click link below please?

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

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