Wednesday, 13 May 2020

BeingHacked: MyFBphotos bad

I didn't want FB to put out my photos/vids. What can I do? I fell raped!
OJ! Those Gurney Shots! I had no idea, that they would appear online, ever! They were headshots of I, of a personal nature. Never to be seen by anyone but myself! So? What do I find? These , self same, photographs-Splatterd all over a media site for everyone to see! The set of photos were my own set, not for public perception! OK-I do these exercises. It's that if u practice the use of 'gurning' every morning & evening,? Like when u brush ur teeth,? It will keep away wrinkles. I don't know if it's bunk. U figure it. So? What am I saying here?
Right¡ as Http:// I will be scrutinised by how knows what's or why? I saw some UFOS one night for sure. They weren't flying. There was no sound. They just moved in the sky like it didn't matter. They were big white balls. Big enough to hold at least one being. They came as a pair. I was where I shouldn't have been. Look u, I don't know how it got to there from here but, I don't like to be scrutinised by FBI, et al. Keep'emPeeled

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