Friday 28 May 2010

What Up?

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Hi, I'm trying out a Disco-Player.
Keep'emPeeled the Prof

Friday 21 May 2010

What Up?

SKUTERZa 1 by AstroNutter

Back zoon with more video of Scottish cup final shenanigans.
Keep'emPeeled, Professor Fun-Farm

What Up?

What Up? Here am I with stalwart "D", Alec the Dalek. We are going into The Rob Roy bar in Star St, Paddington;a pub named after "Red" Rob Roy MacGregor, an ancestor from my mothers side of the family ( remember the movie with Liam Neeson ). Dundee United travelled to Glasgow to play at Hampden stadium in the Scottish cup Final( the oldest fitba' trophy in the world ), versus Ross County ( feared by some sheep up north ). Early days though, have a listen to the track on the SoundCloud player and get into some Space-DisKO! Back zoon with what happened in the cup final!
Keep'emPeeled, the Prof'

Wednesday 19 May 2010

What Up?

OK, here's the next video where I go down below at Somerset House, London. Now I've got muzak happening drop by anytime to hear some
Space-DisKO! Keep'emPeeled

What Up?

Well Katz, I got the muszak- a moovin' an' a groovin, let's ROCK! Keep'emPeeled TECHNOBOY! by AstroNutter

What Up?

RedAntsofJo'Burg by AstroNutterI hope this is some music from Keep'emPeeled!

Tuesday 18 May 2010

What Up?

Keep'emPeeled. As a youth I loved to go inside dark places. Preferably big mansions with dungeons. There I could hunt out loot and things unmentionable. In crypts you can find treasures and other-worldly spooky stuff. One hot sunny day when I was 15  I climbed over a wall into an abandoned Convent. Freaky! I will relate the rest of that story later. Now go to this link and find me in another basement getting FREAKED OUT! again;DownWeGo! Next blog we get really silly! Keep'emPeeled Professor Fun-Farm 

Saturday 15 May 2010

What Up There?

Somerset House OK I'm just getting used to all this. follow link to start of last blogs story-line. Keep'emPeeled Prof' F'-F'

What Up There? : the vid comes with my search for an inner soul. Serendipity & synchronicity
all play a part, as I go deep under the bowels of Somerset House; an Art establishment in the heart of London. the part about Che Guevara and the cigars was a fluke! Next blog will see me get lost and paranoid in the creepy underworld in the bowels of the basement. Keep'emPeeled Professor Fun-Farm

Friday 14 May 2010

What Up There?

Well, here as I sit with a glass of champagne, thinking of you..Bollox! That's some lines from Roxy's Song for Europe. I always wanted to get that off my chest. Actually I'm drinking Irn Bru;made in Scotland from girders. See, I was oot last nicht. On the swally, getting blootered. Went to Powers bar in Kil&burn north London. Saw Pink Cigar;a band short of fans but big of vision. Like to see them again. I will post a video I made on my phone to my youtube site later if your interested;give it a few days tho'. I did a little bit of working net but at least I was out & about. I have added a link that should go to a recording I made for Kids On DSP.
Software designers @RjDj. Very Avante Garde a clue! More stuff Zoon! Keep'emPeeled

Sunday 9 May 2010

What Up There?

A little bash on RjDj app KidsOnDSP: KidzROnIt! Getting it all 2getha, Rome! et cetera I'm from a different epoch, so bear with me Earth dudes&dudettes. Keep 'em Peeled Professor Fun-Farm

Wednesday 5 May 2010

What Up There?

Yeah went down ta da Big-Shitty EC2. SoundCloud meeting held @The Strongroom, Curtain Rd I met the lurverly Alessa aka Sevensensis & MindLobster; 2 DJ's from the "scene" & Beth Wells web-designer from I got my 'mage all Pete Tong when I wore My Legendary StarDust Cowboy outfit ( check da vid ) Keep 'em Peeled!

Monday 26 April 2010

Friday 23 April 2010

Scooter On!

got my SkutR so now iz GO! ¡ʞɔoɹ Getting band 2gethR Drums onboard.

Thursday 15 April 2010


A biggish piece of Graffiti outside Kill+Burn tube station, London. A sort of Alice in Timberland effectation.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Bugs! I Hate the Basterds!

OK! I'm just setting this blog up, so there's little bollox crapola here, there & up many a dark crevice. Not to worry shipmates. Soon we'll be slammin'. A little story for ye in the meantime. As a boy me & some pals got into a bit of bother down the swimming pool. The Rozzers were called. One of my mates says "False names & adresses, OK?". When they arrived said miscreant delivered his lies. One of the Rozzers says "So, your my next-door neighbor then?"
The moral of the tale is apparent. Don't tell Pork-Pies! Keep 'em Peeled, The Professor

Sunday 4 April 2010