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Sunday 18 March 2012


BlackDonalds! Folks, Get down to the next show, it'll be a Whammeroony! 2nite Bass-man Terry was a green, white & orange Groove-Pope( ya had to see it!), Far-Out! NuB Mat( guitarist )played with a ferocity that reminded me of Bruce Watson( Skids, Big Country )& Tom was a blistering belter of all things with a skin. Jammy, as usual (the Suave Sophisticate ) charmed the guys & gals with his androgenous good-looks & Frontman effortless demeanour. Due to Council Reg's the sound had to be under a certain Db limit predicated by the late time-slot. Ergo- not quite right. BlackDonalds need to ROCK! & Loudly!!! Volume is paramount at this stage of the boys career. If anyone out there from a record company that's willing to bring some Soul back to the charts, beat a trail down to this gang! BlackDonalds R The Bees-Knees! Keep'emPeeled.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Chelsea Do The Right Thing!

The Blues got top spot giving media folks a slap in the mush! Next up Man City on Monday. Keep'emPeeled.

Saturday 12 November 2011

Football Spain

Barcelona in the semi-finals of the Euro-Cup. At around 20 minutes Chelsea scored from an outside of the box screamer that the keeper & referee + linesmen could not question. For the rest of the game Chelsea beat Barcelona each & every way, yet the ref' & linesmen would disallow any goal, penalty claim or offside decision in favour of Barcelona. A one minute from the end Barcelona scored; and went on to the final. A travesty! Nothing changes. Eurocrats wanted Barcelona to win. Chelsea should have won the game by 3 clear gaols at least. Why do I say this? I sit watching England play Spain in a friendly, I'm sick of the tippy, tap tap lazy crap! Let UK/Irish teams play the game with our blood & thunder approach & give us the freedom of a game without cheating!  Stamp Out Stranger Subterfuge! =SOSS Keep'emPeeled

Friday 21 May 2010

What Up?

What Up? Here am I with stalwart "D", Alec the Dalek. We are going into The Rob Roy bar in Star St, Paddington;a pub named after "Red" Rob Roy MacGregor, an ancestor from my mothers side of the family ( remember the movie with Liam Neeson ). Dundee United travelled to Glasgow to play at Hampden stadium in the Scottish cup Final( the oldest fitba' trophy in the world ), versus Ross County ( feared by some sheep up north ). Early days though, have a listen to the track on the SoundCloud player and get into some Space-DisKO! Back zoon with what happened in the cup final!
Keep'emPeeled, the Prof'