Sunday, 18 March 2012


BlackDonalds! Folks, Get down to the next show, it'll be a Whammeroony! 2nite Bass-man Terry was a green, white & orange Groove-Pope( ya had to see it!), Far-Out! NuB Mat( guitarist )played with a ferocity that reminded me of Bruce Watson( Skids, Big Country )& Tom was a blistering belter of all things with a skin. Jammy, as usual (the Suave Sophisticate ) charmed the guys & gals with his androgenous good-looks & Frontman effortless demeanour. Due to Council Reg's the sound had to be under a certain Db limit predicated by the late time-slot. Ergo- not quite right. BlackDonalds need to ROCK! & Loudly!!! Volume is paramount at this stage of the boys career. If anyone out there from a record company that's willing to bring some Soul back to the charts, beat a trail down to this gang! BlackDonalds R The Bees-Knees! Keep'emPeeled.

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