Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Ace Truckin’ Co’

2000 AD series I loved. Keep'emPeeled 

                   Ace Truckin' Co' Pop/Country Rock


Verse 1  We chug the Big Empty, we never get home 

         Comin' in atcha' The Ace Trukin' Co'

         3 Kliks on the vid screen, going going Gung Ho'                          

         We're comin' in atcha! We're taking control!                        

         GBH, Feek The Freak, Amgel Mouth suckIt& C

         Gator McGee, definitely no hee hee he 

         Big byms baby, big byms, a;l 4 me!    

Verse 2  We're winners in Rat Race, we never fail 2 deliver      

         We'll B 1st 2 come on over, if creepy jeepies                                      

         get on Ur tail                                

         The nightime can be eerie, but we will save the day

         We love our ships company, & by the way my handles    


         GBH, Speedo Ghost, Feek The Freek, Evil Blood                                        

         Gator MacGee, not friendly, no hee hee he.                                  

         Big byms baby, big byms, all 4 me!                                                      


Chorus: Ace Trucking" Co"!'

                 Comun' in Atcha!

     No.      We Are The Ace Trucking Co'! 

              Ace Truckin Co'! 

GBH , Feek the Freak Ghost computer &

Ace Garp captain of mayhem. Rebel of zTruth

Aria:      consists of floating counter point 2 guitar                                                                

         Lots of drugs (echo) with broadway  ending                      


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