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Insights: Meanwhile Back @the-Ranch

This is my recent MB@R: 

Meanwhile back@the-ranch,.

"There's no such thing as Too Paranoid¡ Private Remember that ¡ Then forget U ever learned it. TV: Skipper to Private-The Penguins Of Madagascar¡ 

"Records' R there toB broken " -AstroNutter 

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!-TV:Spongebob SquarePants 

I think we're alone now? Just a thought? Ok, we need invisible entities? ?

Movies: Memoirs Of An Invisible Man; "You must trust us Nick!  We are all that you have! Isn't that it? Nick ?!When you're a freak?  fuck you When ur a weirdo? Pay up! Now! Astounding¡ I'm Invisible but free! The FBI! 

Bastards! Shoot Chevy Chase! Sponsored break: 

Chevy Chase, Daryl Hannah star in this comedy adventure! 

"Off a wobbly seam!". Cricket verbiage proffered by Gary Lineker in a metaphor not understood by anyone not into cricket, notably the other 2 guests Alan Shearer & Micah Richards. 

It's not what u do but how u will do it. Or, what will u do with ur life? Why is it always about "what will u do?" Because, Maxwell, what u do defines who u are. Or, who u are defines what u do! It's not what u do but the way that u do it¡ That's the only way & true! -Astronutter 

When u write up a guest list u have to include folks who have allergies. If ur the caterer. Sign of the times. Astronutter 

Money likes to be counted. Movie-It's Hard To Be A God:Russian Movie

Always is a promise that doesn't Keep it's word.-movies Reminiscence 

Knowledge is only harmful when it's kept a secret. -Astronutter 

"I ain't crazy man, I'm just misunderstood!". & Destiny? Forget all that! I got bills to pay! -movies:Infinte-Mark Wahlberg. 

Tit 4 Tat ain't where it's @!

Best way 4ward is ignoring

Don't be angry? That's when they win! Best forget that they were ever friends. Astronutter 

The nano-bots slipped into his system. All the time seeping his through folds in his skin by a hologram made in them look like friendly bacteria. They were an enemy force took over his body in under an hour. ?

"was that "real" enuf 4 u? " after a brutal violence. 

TV: Brand New Cherry Flavor-

Nü show! 

"It's very time consuming and addictive going down that rabbit hole". -Tyler Glockner SecureTeam YouTube. 

"Where is my Tookalè? ".-unKnown. 

"I Hope It Doesn't Suck? TV:Stranger Things 2 ;father to zombie son. @Halloween when dressed as Dracula.,

Only a psychopath could kill for clothes & not worry about them that had given their lives for such basic stuff! -Astronutter 

"God comforter. Green chair. Brown journal. ? 

"The Price of Excellence? Is Constant Vigilance"-TV Better Call Saul. 

"Everything easy? Was hard-1st time around". Nicola Tesla 

""The World Is Perfect. Appreciate the details!"-Movies: The Dead Don't Die¡

The WUPS delivery guy. 

"I know that if I die tonight? Then all the world will be happy!" Perez Hilton -TV : Britney pity party. 

"Wake me up only if someone shoots at us! " TV-The Maladorian 2

"I don't do Time-Travel"-Rick ofTV show -Rick&Morty S4-Ep:4 -(this is a phenomenon that I don't believe in a lot really. Unless u prove me wrong! I'm ready to discuss different views;Astronutter  -R&M: I loved this show! When it 1st came out. It was on YouTube. It was badly animated but what u saw was their true characters & that was the anarchy of the characters! Rick&Morty was Played by the UnBelievable-Justin Rolland. & then Dan Harmon got involved & it's all now History! The name was obviously based on the loveable Prof & Marty from the Back To The Future series.  A Gr8 movie trilogy! In the 1st season there was a sort of "theme" that the episode was hoping to emulate movies like Friday the 13th or Halloween or Alien  but by S2 The main "theme" thing went. Therefore when Rick&Morty, an animated show had a "Cultish " -like 1st & 2nd season. I used to watch the 1st 2 seasons at 3-4? Early  In the morning! 02:00 It was the only time it was on! As the early adopters of the show were pepole who could stay up late¡ Then the show became a mainstream success ¡ It was an animated series for the student types, & the young adults & dysfunctional families that it portrays & is very easy to imagine such a messed up Multi Universe ¡  Astronutter 

U shoulda/couldn't hear my ass after a Taco Bell buffet!StevieT-YouTube comedy/electric guitar star

Myth is our compass-Godzilla King of Monsters film:relating to dragons in the west they r feared & killed in the east they magical & r peaceful. Astronutter 

Forgiveness is usually followed by atonement! but without the ?

Ya know when u think u know what the other person's thinking? Is that premonition or telepathy under control? Astronutter  

Neo Nazis, Mossad, La Mafia!

They was all getting along like a Waldorf salad. Movie: ? 

"Friends? U exist just for them". 

Grant Morrison writer Happy TV Show . 

The gutters are full of people who thought that they could hang on to the way it was! 

Change is inevitable! ? 

Look asshole! U want my password? U got the gun? Whatcha gonna do? What the Hell! We all got people we have to meet? I'm a tough nut! But u ? Maybe U'll crack me! Let's go fast! I'll spill the beans! I got no illusions that will buy me a quick death, but here I go! OK, the kid's well, he's laying in my arms, dying, then he tells me the password. Like it was a confession to his Mama? I had already called for an ambulance! What else? I tried to comfort him & by the time an ambulance came? He was a child of The Lord, Amen. TV show Happy.  

U get shot! Just doing ur paid business? U end up in a mob hospital? Go figure? TV Happy. 

"Any more predictions Nostradamus? Sarcastic. Christopher 

Melons to Hailey's imaginary friend from Happy TV show.

U can't stop people doing what they want if they feel it will make them seem happy. 

Thinking about being back home on The Earth, "I want any kind of food that isn't farmed & rehydrated!"-reconstituted!-Lost In Space tv new. Plagiarised from Alien from the scene when John Hurt's character chest explodes! & a critter flu f

If u put a spinning bicycle wheel in space it would spin forever(if the oils in the ball-bearings hold out?) but try to use the perpetual motion to charge anything (like gears) then it wouldn't spin. The 1st law of thermodynamics says, energy can not be destroyed, only passed onto another form! The energy from the chain powered by the legs of the rider, goes to the wheel then is turned to heat. Eventually the wheel stops. The 2nd law says It's a 1way street. On Earth there's air-resistance, weight, gravity. All have to be evaluated! A machine won't put out any more than u put in. TV "BeakMan" a Guest on the Captain Disillusion YouTube channel. 

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