Thursday, 6 May 2021

The Chicken Mines.

The Chicken Mines.

I heard this story about the Vietnam war. These crazy MK (war by any means) people from the CIA, they got these chickens hooked up to little nuclear bombs! They would leave these chickens in the jungle, for gook soldiers (or maybe just gook civilians to find in the jungle), so the soldiers , they're hungry & go to catch the chickens. & but what happens when they go to catch the chickens? & nearby a little atomic bomb? It blows up! A little atom bomb! That kills everyone for miles & leaves radiation sickness to those that survive. Hey! What goes on? Don't they have a thought for the chickens? Joking. Fortunately they never got permission, but if they had? Whoo! That would be something. Right? Keep'emPeeled.

Keep The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told & now will be told!

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