Sunday, 2 May 2021

Philosophy/Psychology:The Mark.

The Mark.
Sometimes u get The Mark when everyone around u touches their noses with a flick of the 1st finger, like u know something that someone else doesn't know. It's like it's a signal that u are inside a game with multiple people playing a game with u. But Why? Maybe are u paranoid? Does the TV talk 2U? What about the newspapers? Do they talk to u?
No but! They do talk ! Sometimes 2 u or in other ways. I'd dream I was 24 when the flick of the nose, was , had meaning. Then a person on a bike going the opposite way flicked his nose with his 1st finger just as he passed bye! But if u get The Mark it's a could be terrible fate but not always. 4 those that follow will have ur heart to eat if u don't keep a quick pace up! Keep'emPeeled

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