Thursday, 23 January 2020

Gang-Stalking-Is It Real?

Taken from my diary:

So, I'm in Poundland. I go to the check out & an old lady is before me, half in the que & looking in the fridge . So when the cashier's asked for next , I waited but she kept looking at the fridge. So I walk forward, ready to stop & a hand pulls me back. It's her big grandson, I say" no problems u go 1st!" She starts calling me the Devil! The guy that's behind me , the next in line tells me I gotta go to the end of the now big que! I ask for a manager. He comes just as the old lady & grandson are leaving. She's saying"God Sees Ur Evil Deeds-He listens & watches Ur every move! I just can't go out in the street now! 


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