Wednesday, 30 October 2019

SpongeBob SquarePants

Below are my tandem thoughts about the sponge & his mates, who live in pineapples & such in a Town called Bikini Bottom in The Pacific Ocean. Mutations all live here, mostly  bottom feeders apart from such as Sandy, a squirrel from Texas. There's some magical stuff happening down there in that Bikini Bottom. 
    Watch the series on tv -then read my notes to receive reception. Keep'emPeeled 

SpongeBob SquarePants

"B-L-A-N-K Brain -freeze:U can't figure out the SquarePants I lot! To think like Patrick; b-l-a-n-k , unless SpongeBob is there to make his life fun! Without someone like Spongebob to look after him, Patrick's life would be b-l-a-n-k, OK! So, when u can't follow the plot f SpongeBob SquarePants, then Ur Patrick B-L-A-N-K! Stoned to Hell. On Mary wanna resin oil weed! I like Sponge 🧽 Bob Square📐Pants !
Keep'emPeeled K!

"I Luv Chum!" Plankton's Regular

Can u come on soon to the pale lagoon snails. Can u line up to the lobsters near the stew?

Dr Negative & Captain Tightwad

Cephalopod Lodge:
"We're U dropped in ur head when u were a baby? Squidward to SpongeBob

What exactly are we dealing with Grampa?
"Something more hideous than I have ever seen! A raving gargantuan banshee with a coarse matted mange of tangled locks! ".
It was a HIPSTER. NOo IT WAS WORSE! It was a ,...TEENAGE GIRL!!!

"It's Now Or Never! Cletus

It's not the Dark U should be afraid of, it's the things that hide in the Dark.

The Open Window Maniac
Alaskan Bull Worm
The Main Drain

Patrick looks more nervous than a rattlesnake in a room full of rocking chairs- Sandy Cheeks

"My motherboard told me about U! " Karen the computer.
"The customer is always wrong!" Mr ngKrab
Triton's Tunic!
I hate people, people hate me, I prefer my best own company! Single and free couldn't all on my own! I can you have the best of times all alone! Because, I HATE PEOPLE! Squidward Tentacles
Keep'emPeeled-Ching!-Captain Krabby Dong in Selling Out episode.
Doo doo doo doo
U think u control it but it's way too hard
Every time it plays it's an electric charge,
Round and round the record spins all day
Listen again it takes u far away
Trying to stop it Is futile! So just listen now to my musical doodle! Listen again to my musical doodle u Think U control it but it's much too hard, the sound in ur head is brutal

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