Sunday, 1 September 2019

TV:Peaky Blinders BBC

Peaky Blinders 

Okay what's happened is that there's a TV show called Peaky Binders and it's been going on for quite awhile. Ah, it's on its Series 5 now by BBC TV & stars Cillian Murphy !  I didn't watch it from the start. So I just ignored it. The guy is so good looking  👀! & the first season which of course is very gr8 & I'm gonna watch it all now.  Suits me. I gotta wait til Martedi which is For Tuesday, it's old & out of date! & It's many years ago! But it's a masterpiece! That's the way I'm going to watch this show! Hiccup! I can do it because I too am old & a fuddy duddy. So , I'm watching it from 1 & @7 now. I'll catch up with today's action in a bit. It may Be A while. Lol Keep'emPeeled 

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