Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Remarkable Knowles Family UFO Encounter Incident in Mundrabilla, Aus...

Late 80's experience by family. Keep'emPeeled


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  1. I love this case. Never in the history of UFO's have we ever had such a extensive array of eye witness accounts and forensic evidence to prove that somebody was attacked by a craft, but what craft that is the question. By all accounts the craft that attacked the family was about the size and length of a station wagon towing a caravan of trailer. The craft hovered, it had a powerful searchlight, it spewed out carbon soot and hot fumes from its engines, it made a high pitched humming electrical noise and a vroom vroom noise from the engines. It was also fitted with specialised lifting equipment in the form of an electromagnet attached to a steel cable which was used to lift the car off the road at over 125 km/hr. We know this because the family heard a metallic thump on the roof as it was attached and they felt the weight pushing the car down. The static electricity from the electromagnet made their hair stand on end and the high voltage started to melt the cars wiring filling the car with a foul smell. Mrs Knowles reached onto the roof and touched the electromagnet and said the rubber shock insulator which surrounded and protected the magnet felt like a suction pad. Mrs Knowles's hand was burnt by the hot exhaust fumes and she later needed medical treatment for those burns. After the attack they drove to the next roadhouse and a truck driver looked over the car. He said there was soot all over the car and it had four dents on the roof as if it was picked up by a magnet. This is just a small piece of the evidence that has been proven. If it sounds like the most fantastic car chase and spy story you have ever heard that is because that's what it was. The family were chased by a terror group in a helicopter who were trying to murder a counter insurgency investigator. The family were attacked by mistake and the media and the Australian Governments are most likely involved in the assassination and the cover up.