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UK UFOs | Page 2 | The ForteanTimes Forums

UK UFOs | Page 2 | The ForteanTimes Forums
UK UFO latest news. Keep'emPeeled. 

UK UFOs | Page 2 | The ForteanTimes Forums

David has not always been a sceptic. I have known him since he was 15 and a very good investigator he always was but that was long before he became as sceptical as he did pver the years.

I actually published in Northern UFO News about 35 years ago one of his first cases. He went to extraordinary lengths to resolve a sighting by a nurse inside a hospital - staking out the road to look for passing car numbers and visiting the ward at that time to compare what you could see from here. Made more significant by the fact that this was in the middle of the night!

He said it seemed likely it was some kind of astronomical object. I followed his lead and discovered via Jodrell Bank that the Moon was exactly where the UFO was that night.

I know then he was a genuine and skilful investigator. If he has become more sceptical over time that is fine by me. We all come to accept what we believe the evidence tells us. But he started out exactly like most of us did - just curious and keen to investigate further.

As for Silpho - it is a good story from his perspective as a journalist and commentator on the media and belief systems. Which he started out as working as a reporter in Yorkshire before he became a professor teaching media in Sheffeld.

I think the hows and whys belief systems develop is his main interest in UFOs these days. Which is a valid part of Fortean research,

We had a discussion about this on the FT Facebook page as he quoted some of my comments on the case in the original Yorkshire Post story (I wrote it up in my book UFO Crash Retrievals because I got access to the metallurgical analysis and the translation of the message on the script). I had not really pursued it past there as it was clearly a hoax. So worth clarifying that but not to pursue it later.

He wondered why I did not really dig deeper and I pointed out I was looking at it from the perspective of a UFO case snd once clear it wasn't one, as such, had no need to go further. He sees it as a social story of why someone would go to all this trouble and expense. A social historian's perspective.

I have no problem trying to help him but he is getting it publicised all over the world (on Fox News in the US today) so good luck to him. Hope he gets some answers.

By what he says on Facebook the museum are now more interested once they realised it was not just junk and might have a story behind it. I wouldn't put it past them exhibiting it at some point now.


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