Thursday, 23 August 2018

At Which Birthday Do U Say Shut Up?

At Which

Birthday Do U Say Shut Up?

I was 50! when I first cursed my age.. 50, half a bleeding century! Yet I looked youngish I tried to fool myself in denial. It's however you feel inside, I told myself. All the platitudes. I went to look for an amusing birthday card for someone 50.,I could only find one- it read "Now is the time when anyone asks how old you are, You tell them to mind their own f'n business! ". So, ok that was me, I realise people will have their own times when they realise that they are gonna die & what's it all about really? Time does that to a person. I think that this life is not the end. That would be pointless. I think we'll all get on a big bus & zoom about everywhere. Then when we've seen everything we'll get to the next part of the story. I saw UFOS 🛸 @ they saw me & stopped. Tomorrow belongs to us. Everyone will be fine.

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