Monday, 16 July 2018

Wewelsberg SS Castle

Check out the computer game. There was a flying saucer found at the end of the war & blew up at Wewelsberg, by Americans-or so they said. I think they transported the saucer to Area51. 

 The 9 Kommandents! Rings r made. Karl Villegute bloodline-a nut. Fooled High Commander Hitler-Himmler etc. 

Ting gathering shut down by Goebbels. 

No more Celtic stuff they said. Rotters! 

  The Wewelsberg SS after the war scattered to the Southern Hemisphere. Many to mainland South American. They still believed in the Nazi propaganda & kept it going. There were stories of flying saucers & Antarctica. 

Now, I think that if any Wewelsberg SS are about, they have moved on & hav no wish to conquer the world. If they do? I will volunteer to be 1st at their Nazi throats. Keep'emPeeled @ 

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