Sunday, 15 July 2018

The (Ayers Rock). Or the Aaoolaoolia Ingenious trib

The (Ayers Rock). Or the Aaoolaoolia Ingenious tribe of the A Aboriginal Peoples!
Have been gone back to Ben my friend! Away back their roots & their homelands, that I think are called "The Gr8est legend outside the Outback. The Aaoollaoolia r the most civilised people on this planet. Without present company! It has been seen that they have better body clocks than our western hearts.
But, we want to learn, please? Will U teach us your ways that are bad, but fast please.

Keep'emPeeled ya tin foiled caps. I don't know but I got a real hard headache
later today. Folks, I think I believe in u. Why would all of u be so faithful to follow Tyler's cause? Why?
Cos' he's a rootin@x-toot-iny' love shootin' ( original). Tyler goes fast & leaves no trace of any trace materials. Tyler though is best known 4his brisk business style!
He called Trumps stuff way before, but that's the way he does it! I will help Tyler if he wants me too! Keep'emPeeled @

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