Friday, 13 July 2018

My Offer 2 POTUS

POTUS: I'm sorry that idiots are protesting against U . Mr P
I don't know why this is happening? Crazy people r having strange, (little stuff).U r the Man! Idiots wave they're placards against U, sir. Wait, a little, U R POTUS! Thee Most Important Man -in the World. Mr Persident, I cannot begin to know, what U know! U r POTUS! I believe in U! Sir. Give me a job sir? I can work in mediums that will help U. U will help us succeed! I'm not saint yet I am gonna get all the pomp & circumstance he needs, He is POTUS, but now he is gonna meet Royalty! I have him in my sights, The Queen is tough, ok POTUS ! God Save The Queen! Keep'emPeeled.


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