Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Fastest Gun In The West

@Lincoln County  1880-cowboy time. New Mexico

Loc: Sherrifs HQ, a prisoner is  in a cell. It's Billy the Kid. 

Wyatt E: How many men have U killed Billy?!

BtheK:I killed 71 fellows. 

W E: & what did they do to U, Billy? 

BtheK: They stood in my way.,

W E: Like me? 

BtheK: No Sheriff, no chance! I like U. So I ain't gonna kill U.! I just wanted the money! The Gold! They should have handed it over! 

WE: You're under arrest for grand larceny, theft & whatever I can get U for! 

BtheK: Look Wyatt, my fellers r gonna be here soon. Let me go? 

WE: sorry Billy, we gots ya & we have ta go by the books.

4 hours later Billy fled said cell & could've killed Sheriff  Wyatt Earp, but left him alive. He wouldn't  kill a man in cold blood but was later killed by the sometime, often cursed Pat Garret. He used his friendship to get close & gunned Billy down for the Silver dollars he received that he said he lost,  playing poker Texas style on his way on a ship to Europe with a beautiful lady of the stage. 

Above: this is the line up of the top gunslingers of all time! (taken @DodgeCity  in 1886) They're all there! Billy the Kid- Jesse James-Bat Masterson-Wyatt Earp.

Is any of this true? The history books say so but U try looking into it the past.? Keep'emPeeled @ http://www.astronutter.com 

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