Thursday, 8 February 2018

When I was a child are used to think about could I ever live forever…

When I was a child are used to think about could I ever live forever? Entropy-Thrrmo Dynamics

What is wrong with this Banksy' ripp off merchant's try 4 Glory? Keep'emPeeled 

Disorder=cells die. But, the 2nd Law means energy can stop chaos? Enigmatic. Live Fast Die Young! We can build a perfect car Ferrari but eventually we will need to replace parts as entropy will do its duty. Human DNA says that our cells will begin to decay and I as we grow older. Can we use science to stop the affect of injury and therefore forever. Jans mask recently made a rocket fly to Mars where I'm ordering another one of his own electric hybrid cars will forever orbit the planet Mars. No Entropy is believed will take place(?). Until Kingdom Come that Car will be orbiting Mars.


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  1. Okay ! -with the answer it or any comments I was looking for, was -if no Entropy can happen to Elon Musk’s car? Why do our cells endure Entropy.? We die. Ferrari cars the engines need replacements they die. But not Elon Musk’s car. No Entropy. Why? Keep’emPeeled