Thursday, 25 January 2018 What’s It All About, Alfie?

OK! What's AstroNutter all about? It's about the Ark of the Covenant! It's about Indiana Jones! Gr8 tales of the now, which may be part of the then! Get it! I play electronic guitar. I make after I surf the net & put what I think is relevant to how a person should think nowadays. Berlin 1938: Germans discovered fission-nuclear. Einstein warned of the annihilation of Man. What could have been a gr8 thing for mankind left burned, charred bodies. Soddom & Gomorra. The Flood. Bad JuJu Flying Carpets. In 1942 Werner found a way to convert
Uranium (splits causing critical mass), a series of explosions creating Plutonium & the ultimate bomb. Life twists & turns, I'm older now but I saw UFOS! There's more to life than what they tell U. Keep'emPeeled

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