Tuesday 19 December 2017

Private : read this if U only if U want to look at the minuscule parts of my existentialism.

I'm in a lot of pain. On 16/11/17 I went to the dentist about a crown that fell out on the bottom right of my jaw. It was my 3rd visit about said tooth. The dentist took some x-rays: hurting me 2wice. Then I was drilled on teeth (don't know how many? But painful) on the top right hand side without anaesthetic for at least 20 mins. So -Nothing was done to the crown I'd originally been in there for & it was the 3rd time. I left the surgery dazed & in pain. I then staggered from hospital:Guys & Thomas London Bridge to different dentist surgeries, trying to stop the pain that was growing exponentially. Now it's a month later-19/12/17 & I just got back from a new dentist, who performed emergency treatment on a tooth on the upper right-where the original dentist had drilled the upper right teeth. Now I'm in a lot of pain 4 hours after-no problem. The dentist was brave, David. He was brave! All the upper right is sore & also the still untreated crown on the bottom right. Since 16/10/17,I have been in PAIN!!! No one has listened. I've been to the boss dentist, then the hospital,. Then a new dentist, but still nothing was done about my pain & clearly decimated teeth. No kidding, my diary is full of stuff related to my teeth. The new receptionist from Kilburn at the corner was nice & gave me some toothpaste to rub on my gums-she said it would be painful once the anaesthesia wore off. Bless her. Now I wait. Should I swallow more painkillers to combat the pain & maybe OD? Yes, it's a no brainer. I have lots of tolerance for opioids. I'll be OK. Wake up tomorrow with a smile on my face, looking forward to life & it's challenges. No one said life would be without pain. Life is a sacred thing. U must try to be as Brilliant as U can be, or U live a life of travesty. It's hard to get positive when everything is minging out, but breaking thrÜ is the goal! Anyone can achieve their own dreams as long as they believe in themselves. Keep'emPeeled


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