Friday, 2 March 2012

Fugazi Cops

Idiots' R EveryWhere.dumb Half of Da Vinci's works were used to make pulp for virgin paper. The owner had hoarded them in his attic then died with no-one who knew about the Da Vinci boxes. The Work ( half of Da Vinci's output over his whole long-life mashed into oblivion, some say into the Tuscany sky. I digress but they say it sounds like a wolf's howl then Leonardos' dreams flew over Fienze & people swear they can see it. In the twi-light of course after some nice Grappa?
Da Vinci was a great visionary. We buy into his genius. I believe that each of us (I mean each & all), in a small way we can help to create & be involved with great contemporary projects. There's the STAR in us all! God bless you all! I must go now, but I ' ll be back.
So U think, How we Gonna get Billy his Bones?
B's bot 2 clever but )he's sound? YEAH. This was when " The Big Gardner Grass-Up where everybody got away-Boston Mail. Then they got the ransom demand for the painting, yeah? OK, next up? con man sends in wrong paint chips yet it looked like it was Vermeer? WTF?
Mafia was involved. Keep'emPeeled. Sent with Writer.

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