Friday, 24 February 2012

Transactional Analysis-Mind Games-Ego&Id

Transactional Analysis-Mind Games-Ego&Id
Parent-Adult-Child Control/Nurture-neg/pos approachs.
Or The Drama Triangle-Persecutor-Victim-Rescuer
Beware "Yes, but", after they ask U 4 advice & so on.
People play mind-games all the time. U have to be aware @allTimes! They want Attention & Affirmation of Status. Need 4 Approval. Drama. Be aware of "games". Discounts=sweeping statements that distort reality. Gimmix=Ur own irrational needs that get U involved. So identify when a game begins & learn the moves. Then U can bow out by refusing to play, denying Ur Gimmix. Look out for that "feeling of unease"-it means you're in a game. Try to point out you are aware what's happening. Always respond as adult-never child.
Get Out-if they keep playing after U told them NO! ,then unplug from relationship.
Find their needs & deprive! Starve them.

GIMMIX- yeah! Ur krapola. If U know what Ur Prob's were. U could fix UrsElf. Honest Introspection. Think/Act Ur way out! U Be in Control, not others.
* I Must Be (blanc)-self expectations can be used against U, R U being realistic? Must can read-can try to be/if I want it so. So, Avoid "skewy" motivations like- being reasonable or helpful. These situations can be used to snare U in a trap. Get outta there Dude!
*The Partner who Complains about Everything Game-
" P wants U not to talk about it. Later P says U want to force it outta me, when U were fine. So P freaks out & says U don't lUv me anymore. See anything similar? The only way for U to help P would be if U were a mutant; a Telepath(2BsUre).
* Without Me, the Family would fall apart Game-
OK, say U died(God forbid)-? Now, next-time F asks U 4 a favor, say"NO". Observe what happens next, what ploy shall ensue? Then act out the rest. Repeat this but each time say "NO" a bit further along & see what comes next. Learn the ways of F. Eventually, U will win this Game. Keep'emPeeled.

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