Saturday 10 September 2011

Gadget Show Music Fakers

The Gadget Show have used presenters to "compose" a new theme tune. The original composer a "real-life" musician who will now lose much needed revenue to support his wife & family. Yeah, well done you cunts'!
You know zero about how hard it is to be A musician & the effort it takes to try to make a life from it! You had "gurus/mentors to hold your hands("they" should hold their heads in shame) & do all the music/"composing" by essentially cutting & pasting loops made by machines that fix all your rubbish crap into a lifeless melange of mediocrity. Look I don't think you're headless bastards. Please leave the theme tune as is; be truthful, it knocks your efforts to Hell(where you will go if this atrocity is allowed), it ain't that bad! Do the right thing; show some integrity.


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