Friday, 8 July 2022

Meanwhile back@theRanch,…

Meanwhile back@theRanch,…

An Octopus has about 2,000 suckers. Every sucker is like a finger. Imagine having 2,000 fingers?-Movies: My Octopus Teacher -Netflix.

"The trend is ur friend, until the bend @theEnd."-Traders infomercial.

Inculcation-Aliens are doing it to us -The Human Race! While we sleep! All Over The World-Dolores Cannon Hypnotic therapist.

ZIN-URU = power! -The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth.

Imagine if u needed a friend but there was no one there? So? You'd have a friend right?
Imagine if their not friendly? Ooh, that's a pickle! -idea 4 a YouTube channel.

"Money, money, money, money!" "Money, money, money, money!" "Money, money, money, money!" "Money, money, money, money!" Caberet-movies:Gr8 song!

"Imperious to heat substances would make building on a hot planet like Venus, a more than likely stream of revenue? "-Galactic Federation?

Real Madrid.? U didn't deserve to win against Chelsea ! U R Cheating Cunts! Real Madrid! U R Fucking Cheats! Fucking Cheats! -Astronutter rant after Chelsea Euro defeat.

"Oh When The Saints!
Go Marching Out!-Chelsea fans sang as Southampton's fans who were leaving at half time with The Blues leading 0-4! Soccer

"There could be some trouble coming? "-AMcCoist as below.

"Today's insight? Is a fortunate tomorrow!' Conor Gallagher is gonna play the rest of the game with their (Crystal Palace) sponsor across his nose!' Ally McCoist commentator ex soccer star!

"UFOs R =Un Funded Opportunities! " Ben Rich former, late CEO of Martin Lockheed Skunkworks.

Imagine Dagons-My Enemy!
Gr8 song!

"My mother always said'Its better to beg forgiveness than ask for permission.' Movies-Moonfall-John Bradley

"When U triangulate? R U using 3 as Ur start? ? No. I just thought U were being obtuse. -
That was a geometry joke. That's why I waited, to wink. " -Movies:Afterlife•Ghostbusters!

"He maintained the right to remain silent when talking." -TV series: Motive. Netflix series

"When The Internet is struggling to explain something it usually turns to:Aliens did it."-Thoughty2 -
YouTube channel.

"OK? I done ba-ad things! Things I shouldn't? The only thing that's worse than being bad? Is being powerless! "-TV Lost In Space 3 Dr Smith.

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