Saturday, 1 January 2022

Movies: “The Matrix 3: Resurrections.”

The Matrix 3: Resurrections.

 I love the song by a 60's band Jefferson Airplane but that's not enough to make a sequel & just hope it's good enough? I'm watching it 4 the 1st time. The characters r older. Still Gr8 but older. Why is it not working & why doesn't it work? The newer footage is like in bad cameras. Phone cameras. Unless u got the latest! Bright suits in mono chromatic surroundings. It's good that it's modern but it needs to be animation-like Anime¡ Still, it's a good movie, just not like the first lot. Alien 4, say. Keep'emPeeled. 

Open my shared note: if u wanna save it. I save everything, it's in my nature. Steve Reid. 

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