Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Wed 22 Jul ‘20

Wed 22 Jul '20
They go coon-hunting@! It's bad! Stay here with the women! Children caught in cross fire! 'Coon Face! Come on out? It's not human? Drunk trigger happy drunks! I gotta got outta here!

I moved into 161 Webheath in February 2020. I was in a flat where the previous tenant was keeping me awake all night. I'd been told by Michael Sebunya (he says now that he didn't) that " a little old lady " lived next door. I believed this until In late May when Her family Moved back in. They are very loud & would raise their voices when conversing. The son & father swear a lot. Whenever they go into the living room, they open the windows & talk (shout )with each other. So I go to my bedroom -which is a lot, so I can't use the living room whenever they are there. I never use the garden now due to the feud going on with the family from 160. My garden is a mess because Michael decided that new neighbors who moved in upstairs were allowed to dump rubbish in my garden. The family in 160 must have been in on a deal with the Council because they went elsewhere for the first 3 months that I lived there. I was very happy with the new flat until the family moved back in & with the way they communicate. I'm very ill because of it. My hopes of a "quiet " end to my life has been dashed. There is Lots of cursing & the topics they cover-anti homo/lesbian/racial & gangster fantasies They call me nigger-lips because they think I'm an informant. It's the worst flat for me. Only the Mother is on the rent book but Michael said that she could have them stay. He is doing nothing about moving me or the complaint I made-that I was tricked into coming here. I spoke to a person who lived in the block since it opened. He told me that the family has always lived there the son is 20-30. & so why did they stay away for the first 3 months? It was to let me move in & get happy. Then they moved back & my world crumbled. I would never had moved in here if I'd known that a dysfunctional family with a grown up son lived next door, NEVER! Michael is blaming others for his part in the deception played on me. Says he wasn't there during showing. I need a new flat, away from the family next door in 160. My health relies on this. Stephen Reid 161 Webheath Netherwood Street NW6 2JT 078 585 151 89


The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told.

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