Sunday, 26 February 2012

Do U 'ave copy-paste-ego-dEzEZ?

Do U copy stuff then pretend it's Urs! U suffer from id-disease. It's a malady of the eGo; ref: Sigmund Freud. Do U wanna be cured? When cured, U will be considered an "Original", (Nothing that's easy to obtain, [ isn't worth having '] ). This is not about stopping to copy stuff- it's about knowing why Ur copying & why U must acknowledge those that be copied. Many will create aRt that they believe original,et al other works, while unknowingly( to themselves ) they're copying , ie-George Harrison & My Sweet Lord. So how do U learn how to cure this disease? Obvious but this needs Therapy. I can recommend a blu-ray DVD with interactive features ( so it's like being at a Doctors treatment room ), & a book to guide the road to good health & a new truth within the creators work. Master-pieces Await! Keep'emPeeled.

Nunc Est Bibendum

Friday, 24 February 2012

Transactional Analysis-Mind Games-Ego&Id

Transactional Analysis-Mind Games-Ego&Id
Parent-Adult-Child Control/Nurture-neg/pos approachs.
Or The Drama Triangle-Persecutor-Victim-Rescuer
Beware "Yes, but", after they ask U 4 advice & so on.
People play mind-games all the time. U have to be aware @allTimes! They want Attention & Affirmation of Status. Need 4 Approval. Drama. Be aware of "games". Discounts=sweeping statements that distort reality. Gimmix=Ur own irrational needs that get U involved. So identify when a game begins & learn the moves. Then U can bow out by refusing to play, denying Ur Gimmix. Look out for that "feeling of unease"-it means you're in a game. Try to point out you are aware what's happening. Always respond as adult-never child.
Get Out-if they keep playing after U told them NO! ,then unplug from relationship.
Find their needs & deprive! Starve them.

GIMMIX- yeah! Ur krapola. If U know what Ur Prob's were. U could fix UrsElf. Honest Introspection. Think/Act Ur way out! U Be in Control, not others.
* I Must Be (blanc)-self expectations can be used against U, R U being realistic? Must can read-can try to be/if I want it so. So, Avoid "skewy" motivations like- being reasonable or helpful. These situations can be used to snare U in a trap. Get outta there Dude!
*The Partner who Complains about Everything Game-
" P wants U not to talk about it. Later P says U want to force it outta me, when U were fine. So P freaks out & says U don't lUv me anymore. See anything similar? The only way for U to help P would be if U were a mutant; a Telepath(2BsUre).
* Without Me, the Family would fall apart Game-
OK, say U died(God forbid)-? Now, next-time F asks U 4 a favor, say"NO". Observe what happens next, what ploy shall ensue? Then act out the rest. Repeat this but each time say "NO" a bit further along & see what comes next. Learn the ways of F. Eventually, U will win this Game. Keep'emPeeled.

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On I'm a f*cking living legend I am on that Visnaw thing. Going on down to a new playlist into a new thing that means I'm aluminizing on the really Alohea or whatever you got lady! Lucielle's use of robot has not went unnoticed, my dear? Will you be available for Satan Supper as usual?i fear we need your great will that will be usable but I'm digressing noble sister I hope you & Lucielle get on . Maybe you going to that despairingly but okay Robin might save the day! Wow,okay?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Clutter¤t=237baa75.jpg  Clutter, what is it? Stuff that ended up together in a confined space over time. So- Stuff+Space over Time =s+s divided by t  So much 4 math. Aesthetically, it's a mess of artefacts gathered bit by bit over a certain period of time, that shall we say has been abandoned(as is with all art not under a budget) & now is a pile of shattered dreams that were doomed to be disappointing. Of course said artefacts may be worth money, or perhaps in some way salvageable (unless you have a backyard like Citizen Kane, I would advise you to equate hoarding as an answer to Ur clutter problem, with complete disdain. Best set a sign above your front door" Abandon Hope, All Inside Be Debris " ; for this is a place where things forgotten are worshipped. Look at the clutter in a way you would an old pair of sneakers. Yes, it was fun! Now you look a bit sad & need to go to the bin. Cruel 2B Kind, an oxymoron & also a paradox; with bits in between.   Leaving a room they way it was when its occupant went the way of The King, will leave a bad chi therein. So, sweep out the old, bring in the new. Don't put that old stuff under the sofa or on a shelf. In the bin. Or The Tate (modern). BUrSelFrEUrSoul-Nu song soon . Keep'emPeeled.

Saturday, 11 February 2012



I just made a song with GarageBand on my iPad and I wanted you to hear it.

Take a listen...

Friday, 10 February 2012

I made a song with GarageBand on my iPad


I just made a song with GarageBand on my iPad and I wanted you to hear it.

Take a listen...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Doz It Matter?

the best light for Astronomy is red. Ya gotta get Dark-Adapted!     Look, pirates used to where an eye-patch. Why? Somwhen they went b'lo dx open the  patch U see in the dark! B all U cn B! Life mimix U uuse img Zenith celestial meridian azimuth - Alritude & plane horizontal. So? The Star? Ok,. we got-matter, yeah? de facto! we got-anti-matter?, then dark- matter, yeah , so, doesn't matter? , maybe, perhaps?

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

check out my IntoInfinity Mix!

Check out my new mix with Paul Diddy (1) x i11even (1) on my IntoInfinity iPhone app!

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Hi N-oRgY

Hi N-oRgYYeah, I gonna do some stuff "Live" soon & that'll be when it comes 2gether, my best of the BEST! We shall Prevail!
Don't You Even Doubt That!,... We WIN! Keep'emPeeled.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Old Boy

Old Boy When I went back as a mature student, my  college were a Cronkite! Never listened to my personsal pre-requisites, they didn't unerstan'. I needed the impetus that the class gave me(I was an old geezer); to get me back started at being alive again! Ye ken? But they woz  kids. Even the Tutors(although wizened wit' wrinkles & loss of thez"Mop-Top".) we're kids.  (They learn from stoopit parents who didn't listen to their own Mums & Dads). Life can be hard! Stuff jumped over a few generations & we got smart heathy kids who are morally inept(not their fault & I believe that the kids will prevail.). Just look at any kid on the street & say he ain't gonna make it? You bet your ass he will! We just gotta tell them kids that we luv 'em & they gonna get Heaven On Earth. Believe this. It is the Truth & it don't let ya alone. I digress, Pick on the old guy! He's a failure! That's what the teacher said to the young students,.When I left the classroom. I have had a grey beard for aeons!4 F#<>$ sake!      When you reach my age?   Then you can Crow! Keep'emPeeled.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Phone Tones (Battle Of The)

The old tower splits the sky @Kilburn High, where men hath strode on their way to die, almost. Yet how say ye try Sisters, brothers, unless ye'd cried tears of blood for the wicked, of course. Henceforth tombs fresh out of bellowing forced hooves stretched out, beating on, cross the Undergrounds' grasp, forsook. Bear my words well! I'll repeat them nunce, not even for a Duke! In the 21st centurys last month,(in the year of 2012) do look to the 21st day. Say the Ancients "Dismay!". Keep'emPeeled.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

UK : The Forces. 3,000 people paid off & those that stay must take a pay drop. what? These folks put their lives on the line for Democracy! I gotta speak up!  Robots. Yeah, first they build our goods, now they will defend us. "You lot that lost your livelihood F'U!" said the government.You can't do anything more than sacrifice your self for your country. Where's the Justice?  The Rich build robots & expect you to buy the stuff you used to make. Bollox!  Keep'emPeeled.

Check out my HipstaPrint

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone
Lens: Helga Viking
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Film: Pistil

Monday, 9 January 2012

Hat- Lady on Kill&Burn Highway

Yeah! It's a "Greenager" Cripes!Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosKeep'emPeeled.
Amy RIP it up!Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

The Gloriuos 7th

If U wanna B a soldier? U can cum & join with me U can Fight with all the big boys. In a structured ruled army!  U can B like General Custer with the 7th Calvary R U willing to go where bold men know The Dead do rest & @sunset We dance, get drunk & learn to forget ;a lover soon puts the rest to bed. All that's best.The Forces of Glory! In a sense makes Presidents' Listen to the Drums! March 2 the Beat!, feel it on the street. Soon, U'll be part of History! There's no one pulling strings here A man is what he is. Same goes for U ladies If U can do it? Yeah, U'r IN? Geddit? Keep'emPeeled.