Thursday, 26 January 2023

Complaint-Against Residents of 160 Webheath

I was woken by the noise of someone demanding money from the residents of 160 Webheath. I had an minor operation the day before so that's why I was sleeping late.
This man was angry with those of 160-the videos will show what happened. It seems like he kicked the mobility scooter before he left-twice! I can guess what the money was for? This happens a lot with 160. Already a couple moved from 162 because of the carries on a lot at 160! Janine the Irish con woman who pretends to be L Watt's daughter mentions "if I even get a tenner?" but you now it's for a lot more.
I'm very stressed about my situation just now & how long will it be to get a transfer out of here please? Sincerely, Stephen Reid 161 Webheath

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