Thursday, 13 January 2022

Prose: Irregular Posts Of Mindness¡

Meanwhile back@the-ranch..,

The Kid always thinks , when things go wrong, with their father & mother that it's their fault, but it's the grown ups at fault¡ They should know how to deal with an emotional child. U cannot slap a child now. Yet U make it clear that U don't like their behaviour¡ said child must be put in a bad spot. Usually in the corner of the hall, facing away from the family. They must stay in this position, facing the far wall for 15 minutes. Pretty soon, the child doesn't want to be back in the Bad Position that they will not show any Bad Behaviour¡ If an Adult does not follow these rules, then Hope Is Lost. The Child Will Rule¡ The Parents be their slaves. Me-Astronutter. I just spaced out & wrote this post into Meanwhile Back@theRanch..,

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