Sunday, 11 July 2021

Esoccer: England Beaten By Azurri! Sunday 11th July. 20:00 Wembley.

Sunday 11th July. 20:00 Wembley. Italy V England. 
I'm Scottish & like most of my people, I  didn't want England to lose. No, I'm different!To Scottish!  I came to live here, many moons ago! Tonight I really wanted England to win, but they didn't. I'm sorry , but  that's the way it ended.
Gary Vaynerchuk . Martin Balsam? I've lived in London since I was 19! It's been my home! Next time? England Havr a2 WIN! 
1. 1, time,,u u try 2 make it b4 u think? 
  1. U R Done. It's OVER¡ u r talking & I'm listening to u! But? I'm trying 2 
  2. Make Good! Sometimes, when U think about everything? U need  footage of UFOs ! Ray Vroom is my pal! 

The only thing new, is the history U haven't been told but now U R learning! 

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